6 Best Sheepskin Seat Covers for All Weather Comfort For 2016

There are three main objectives for using top quality sheepskin seat covers – To protect your car seats from all weathers, give you a very comfortable cushioned seating and give your car interiors a posh look. Sheep skin seat covers serve the purpose of insulation and thereby maintain a cool temperature in summer, but keep you warm during winter months. Even though the advanced versions of the sheepskin car seat covers were used for many decades in many parts of Europe, it came to wide usage in the USA only after the 70s.

There are many popular brands of sheepskin car seat covers, which could be perfectly tailored for your car. If you intend to get these seat covers for your car, you must compare various brands of sheepskin covers available in the market today. Different products offer different features with benefits for all customers. Take a look at all these varieties listed below and select the most suitable one for your vehicle. Here, you can discover six of the best sheepskin covers on Amazon that we will review today.

1. Leader Accessories Premium Australian Lambswool Car Seat Covers

This sheepskin car seat cover is soft and really comfortable both in summer and winter. These environment friendly seat covers fit nicely on every car to project class and style.

You get custom-fit seat covers for every make and model of the car. Ensure that you are getting the right product for your car. The installation is very easy for the low back front seat covers.

It comes with a one year warranty and they have both charcoal and grey color options.

2. Genuine Australian Sheepskin Sideless Seat Cover For Cars

This premium quality slip less backing seat cover comes with 100 % Australian Merino sheepskin for comfort both in summer and in winter.

It is padded and quilted to integrate side impact airbags, side harness safety belts and arm-rests.

These wool car seat covers are durable, long-lasting and washable with easy installation. You can protect the expensive car upholstery from normal wear and tear. You get these covers in multiple colors.

3. Genuine Australian Sheepskin Sideless Seat Cover

The 100% Australian Merino sheepskin keeps it cool in all weathers.

With padded, quilted, slip less backing and integrated for side harness security belts, armrest and side impact airbags, these seat covers are durable and washable.

The installation is DIY and it takes hardly about 10 mins to fit it to your car seat.


sheepskin seat covers

4. Eurow Sheepskin Seat Cover With Universal Fit

These stylish custom sheep skin car seat covers are made of 100% Australian Merino sheepskin with lavish acrylic back and sides. You get the customized covers for exact fit.

It is engineered for air bag impact and has a built in rear pocket for extra storage space. It offers easy installation and is comfortable for all seasons.

Gives proper protection to your seats and you enjoy the comfort of plush upholstery. Color available is grey.

5. Leader Accessories HB Regal Premium Genuine Australian Sheepskin Cover

This Luxurious seat cover is made of original Merino sheep-skin for optimum comfort both in summer and winter, which fits universally to each and every model and make of the car.

It is easy to install and feels very soft and is available in champagne color with one year warranty.


6. Luxury Australian Sheepskin Semi Custom Black Seat Cover

These fur seat covers are created from top grade ultra-dense pelt obtained from genuine Australian sheepskin for extra softness, durability, quality and comfort.

It is customized for every vehicle with low back seat and removable headrest. Keeps your body moisturized in summer for cooling effect and insulates for warm feeling in winter time. Choose the best from sheepskin custom seat covers effectively.