Best Long Shirts To Wear With Leggings

In my honest opinion, Leggings are a wonderful outfit. They are cheap, stylish, very light weight and so easy to choose. It also has other benefits like it will make you look slim and sexy. If you travel a lot, then its very easy to carry 3-4 leggings and it takes up very less space in your bag.

Since leggings are very skinny fit, you should always choose your tops carefully. Most women prefer to wear long shirts or tunics with leggings as it will cover hips and below. If you are looking for Flannel shirts, then you can read my list of the best Flannel shirts for Leggings.

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But if you love wearing short tops with leggings, then this post may not be meant for you. There is no set rules when choosing a top for your Jeggings or chic leggings. However, I went through many shopping sites and picked up 7 long shirts to wear with leggings.

If you are wearing a short top with leggings, then you can match it with a cardigan or scarf to make it stylish. What I am trying to say is that the possibilities are endless when you choose leggings.

These are stylish, cheap and also most of these tunics will match with most colors of leggings. So I know you would love me for this post.

1. Columbia Women’s Long Shirts To Wear With Leggings

Columbia Women's Bahama Long Shirt

This fishing shirt made of Nylon can be a perfect option while choosing a long top for your leggings.

This shirt comes in 6 different vibrant colors and can be used for both casual and semi formal occasions.

Since its made of Nylon, it is a quick dry fabric and very suitable for warm environments. Moreover the fabric is UPF 30 sun protection shield, thus making it a wise choice for outer wear.


2. Women’s Loose Fit Chambray Denim Long Shirt

Women s Loose Fit Chambray Denim Long ShirtThis long Loose Fit Chambray Denim shirt from LE3NO will look awesome with dark colored leggings.

The front pockets and the faded wash effects give it a unique vintage look.

The material is light weight and soft. Since it is loose fit, it will look like an over sized shirt.

If you choose the right size, it can be a great option.


3. Women’s Roll Up Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt

Women's Roll-Up Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt


This long shirt for your leggings is made of 100% soft brushed cotton.

It is best to wear with the sleeves rolled up and it comes with tabs for the rolled up sleeves.

It goes well with both light and dark colored bottoms.


4. Oure Red Plaid Long Shirt For Leggings

Oure Red Plaid Long Shirt


This stunning long shirt from Oure is my favorite. It looks colorful and classic.

For this price, this shirt has to be a deal that you just cant miss.

The checks are always in fashion and it will be a great wear for your skinny tight leggings.


5. CA Fashion Women’s Half Sleeve Long Top

CA Fashion Women's Half Sleeve Long Top


This is a high – low asymmetrical design long top from CA Fashion.

This cant be called a complete shirt, but the buttons till the chest gives it a good look.

The high low design will also give a nice flowing look when you walk.

There are 3 colors to choose from and all of them are soft colors.


6. R Vivimos High Low Loose Long Shirt

R Vivimos High Low Loose Long Shirt


Cotton blended long tunic for leggings. This stretchable asymmetric top is sold by R Vivimos.

This is quite long and reaches till your knees in the back.

This will look good on printed and metallic leggings.



7. Dickies Women’s Herringbone Flannel Shirt

Dickies Women's Herringbone Flannel Shirt


Imported cotton Herringbone Flannel long Shirts from Dickies.

It is bright colored and it comes with buttoned pockets in the front.

They have 5 different check designs for you to choose from. The design is new and vibrant.

Pair it with dark colored leggings and you are all set to rock!


Let me know in comments what you feel about my selection.

*please note that these prices might change as Amazon dynamically give offers and discounts. You can click on the link to get the correct price.