Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Glass

Google Glass technology relates to an innovation of a wearable technology that translates into an optical device with an OHMD or an optical head-mounted display that can be worn on the head (it is a computerized version of glasses with internet connectivity), that offer a transparent HUD (heads-up-display.

This device is also referred to as “AR” or Augmented Reality Overlay, and reflects digital images that are projected, enabling the client to have a better view of the image or just see through it.

Google was the first to come up with such a device with the sole purpose of bringing about a mass marketing omnipresent computer, an innovation in computer science and software engineering, by which global computing can become a reality.

In this post we will try and analyse the various advantages and disadvantages of Google Glass and the way forward for this technological marvel.

The Hands Free Setup

Google Glass projects the data in a hands-free set-up similar to a smart phone. Those wearing the Google Glass can communicate via the internet by means of voice command in their usual language.

Google Glass Explorer Edition XE-C 2.0 with Frames$699

It was on April 15th, 2013 that Google commenced the sale of Google Glass to professional “Glass Explorers” who are residents of US for a handsome price of $ 1,500, that too only for a restricted period. Later on May 15th it was sold in the open market at the same cost.

The Four Frame Varieties On Offer

Google offers you the liberty to select any of the four varieties of frames just for US $225.00 along with a complementary offer for one more when you make a purchase of a fresh Glass unit.

Shifting of the Google Glass from frame to frame is made easy by just detaching a tiny screw. Google joined hands with the Italian eye wear company, Luxottica who owns brands like Oakley, Ray-Ban and similar brands, for the supply of new patterns of frames.

Another Tech Gadget That Can Be Used Along With Google Glass

A Cheaper Movie Glass Option

Mobile Theatre Video Glasses - Movies on 52 Inch Virtual Screen$96.49

Google Glasses are the most anticipated gadget launched from the Google stable. The Google Glass is the first of its kind initiated by Google, its greatest groundbreaking gadget yet, generating a mind-blowing response on the internet.

Every scientific invention has its own benefits and limitations, which is what everyone is curious about. Given below are a few listed by Google:


Advantages of Google Glass

Google Glass tangerine Color1. Easy to operate : The principle benefit associated with Google Glass is its easily handy feature. One can easily operate Google Glass and convey information without the conventional hands on method. In other words, when you are on the move, either driving a vehicle or travelling, you can deliver messages just by voice commands

2. Superior technology : Further, it confines the precious moment in your busy schedule in the most effortless and relaxed manner. Google facilitates you with the most sophisticated cameras and videos.

3. Feature Rich : Google Glass facilitates you with numerous choices; the user has the liberty to maneuver this incredible gadget either by simple signs by hand or by voice command. A main advantage of this project is the liberty and user friendly features provided.

When compared to the normal headphone, the generation of the sound produced by vibration here is not that harsh as in the case of headphones. You can also refer to this concept as “Bone-induction.” The sound system is almost perfect, in comparison to the usual speakers and headsets.

Several apps that are news and direction related can be delivered in novel ways. Paving the way for app creators to develop a slew of new apps compatible to this device.

Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0$1,064.50

Disadvantages of Google Glass

Google Glass Blue Color1. Privacy : The principal limitation of Google Glass is the violation of the law of secrecy of the custodian of this gadget. There is a tendency for the user to apply the camera and video with the wrong intention for unethical practices, which means, it is possible for any person to take photos or view anyone’s privacy without their knowledge.

2. High price : An added drawback of this device is its price tag of $1500, which is really an imposing sum. You could well avail several other devices of modern technology. However, if Google’s market for this product sees a boon, there is every possibility that they will be bringing down its price.

3. The technology used in face identification, if not used in the proper sense can trigger an unpleasant situation and even the displeasure to the affected person.

4. Google Glass is totally banned in many places, like while driving, cabarets, bars, and the like. Considering all these effects, one can surmise that Google is facing a big issue in managing matters related to privacy. Google is seriously involved in seeking a solution to this problem,until which time the Google Glass has to be used as such.

Review From Engadget


It is a superb gadget that you can wear like normal glasses and is available with high perfection optical head mounted display (OHMD). An astonishing factor of this device is that you are at liberty to make a selection of any of the four types of frames and Google is on the verge of forging a partnership with the leading manufacturers of sunglasses like Oakley and Ray-Ban to design more frames.

It is an excellent device and is by all means a sophisticated invention brought out by Google as of now. This device has claimed several awards, because of the great advantages it provides in the medical field.

Google got the “Best invention of the year” award, presented by Times magazine. An optional name for this device is “Digital Eye Glass”.