Best Aquamarine Engagement Rings Of 2016 – The King Of Engagement Rings

Aquamarine is available in a range of blue colors. You can get the Aquamarine engagement rings in attractive shades. They are extraordinarily beautiful and present in all shades of blue color from dark blue to Sea-blue and sky-blue.

They are among the best known and popular gemstones. Several good qualities of Aquamarine make it distinguishable from other gemstones. Aquamarine is as famous as ruby, emerald and sapphire. It belongs to the family of the emerald and is thus related to the emerald to some extent.

Benefits of Aquamarine

Like other gemstones, Aquamarine can be artistically designed. They are hard; therefore  new creative cuts can be made at will. The light blue color of Aquamarine represents trust, harmony, sympathy, long lasting relationship, good feelings and friendship.

They mark their significance in eternal relationships. Since its early days, this gem has been treated as a lucky stone for sailors.

The name aquamarine has been derived from a Latin word, where ‘aqua’ means water, ‘mare’ means the sea. The strength of aquamarine is at its best when you see the stone in the sunlight bathed water.

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Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Star K Genuine 7mm Round Aquamarine Engagement Ring 199.99
Women's 10k White Gold Diamond Band Oval Aquamarine Engagement Ring 178.99
BERRICLE Round Cut CZ Simulated Aquamarine 925 Silver 3 Stone Fashion Right Hand Ring 38.99
BERRICLE CZ Simulated Aquamarine 925 Silver 2-Pc Halo Wedding Ring Set 0.46 ct 36.99
Sterling Silver Prong-Set Princess Cut Aquamarine Cubic Zirconia & Clear CZ Ring 22.99

Aquamarine and Marriages

Aquamarine is an ideal stone for both married and loving couples. Since the ancient times,  this gem has been regarded as the promise of a contented  marriage. It is believed that a lady who wears this stone brings a good deal of wealth and joy. It is always good to wear the beautiful aquamarine gemstone.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for people born in March. The gem is beautiful and popular as a symbol of hope, health and youth. If you have a March born fiance, then aquamarine would be the perfect choice for her engagement ring.

Aquamarine engagement ring

Aquamarine engagement ring

Moreover, whether you are planning to propose or hold the wedding in the month of March, the aquamarine finger ring will surely look significant and symbolic.

Aquamarine is comparatively a cheaper stone. You can use the money thus saved to customize the ring. In fact, you can choose to give a vintage look or go for a beautiful handmade engagement ring.

You can also opt to fashion a classic wedding ring by adding some diamonds and more aquamarine stones in the ring.


The Aquamarine gemstone is sufficiently scratch-resistant and its hardness on Mohs scale is measured between 7 and 8.

These two special features retain its shine and luster. Therefore, an engagement ring from  aquamarine does not need extra maintenance or care.

An Aquamarine engagement ring is special and binds your fiance in bliss and love. When one thinks about an engagement ring, diamond is normally what comes first to your mind.

There is no doubt that  diamonds are luxurious and a girl’s first choice, but price wise, Aquamarine is very affordable.

Video Showing An Aquamarine Ring With Diamonds

Excellent Choice for Ornaments and Engagement Ring

For its sheer natural beauty and its wide ranges on offer,  the aquamarine has no parallel. Aquamarine has carved its route into a range of gorgeous ornaments, and is an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

A wedding ring made up of aquamarine not only has the plush aquamarine stone, but also give you a treasure of energy, blessings and hope.

Points To Keep In Mind While Buying Aquamarine Rings

– Avoid preferring shallow cut aquamarine gemstones; they will pale with passing time

– Aquamarine may develop cracks when banged strongly.

– The color of aquamarine may fade if exposed to light for a long time.

– Natural color of aquamarine is green, but the heat treatment develops blue hues.

– People often get confused between Aquamarine and topaz. It is important to remember that topaz is beautiful and less expensive gemstone which is treated to get the desired color.