Balmain Hair Extensions

Balmain, a reputed name in the hair and fashion industry is located in Paris, the center of fashion in Europe, which triggers most fashion trends in the world.

Spotlight celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow are quite often seen on the red carpet of diverse events with fabulous hair styles created by Christophe Decarnin. He is also the creative director at Balmain and his work is considered unique in the four corners of this planet, including the Paris fashion scene.

Balmain Hair’s innovations in the field of hair extension are so unique that they have gone on to evolve amazing product lines, appropriate for any kind of occasion. Their stylish collection of hairstyles and new Balmain hair extensions are suitable for anyone.

Amazing Product Line


1. Fill in Extensions

This represents the most common style of Balmain hair extensions. Professionalism in fusing Keratin bond with the original hair of the client is the most impressive attribute of this hair extension system. This hair will remain intact for a minimum of 3 months. The other features are :

fill in extensions balmain


– Reusable

– Complete Human Hair as extension

– Stays intact in the hair for more than 3 months

– A guaranteed period of 6 months

– Wide range of colors


2. Double Hair Extension

It is the most affordable system designed to create voluminous long hairs. This re-usable system comes with accessories like rings, bonds and clips. Complete human hair is used in this extension. The features of Double Hair system are :

double hair Extension balmain


– Reusable

– Volume and length in 35 minutes

– Patented system of Balmain hair

– 6 months of quality guarantee



3. Tape And Clip Tape Extension

This system is a trade secret, particularly used in the backstage applications. It is a human hair-piece, which can be easily clipped or taped into the original hair of the client that will remain for 4 to 6 weeks, or just one day, as per your requirement. The features are :

Tape And Clip Tape Extension balmain– Complete human hair

– Reusable

– 2 types of system for application, clips and tape

– Exquisite layering of hair that gives a perfect integration



4. Hair Dress

This system offers you any hairstyle suitable for the occasion, within 5 minutes. You will get a beautiful, flowing and naturally amazing hair that your friends and colleagues will envy.

– Ombre color

– 100% made of human hair

– Guaranteed for 6 months

– Quick change in style

– No damage risk

5. Clip In Weft

A comfortable and quick system to apply voluminous, lustrous and colored hair within 5 minutes, this Clip-In Weft system features the patented Ombre color Soft Blend Edge,

clip in weft balmain


– No damage risk

– 5 strips of different width

– 100% made of human hair



This developed product line will help you change instantly with its gorgeous and different hairstyles. You can combine some products to get a glamorous look.

balmain elegance– Turning beautiful within 5 minutes

– Simple maintenance

– Lock clip is gentle on hairs

– Light weight

– Many different styles


Hair Care

This wide range of products not only provides you with the most glamorous look, but  also supplies enough tips and accessories  to keep caring your hairstyle and maintaining that exquisite look.

Hair care is necessary to maintain the shiny, healthy and beautiful look of your Balmain hair extension. The specially designed hair care products from Balmain give that extra nourishment to both the original and the extended hair.

The exclusive products that provide the perfect care for your hair are :

Balmain Large round brush
Balmain Conditioner 250ml
Balmain Shampoo 250ml

Balmain Extension Hair is the best quality offered in the world of glamor, today; hence, a 6 month guarantee for the quality of any of their products is not surprising.