Best L Shaped Shower Curtain Rods To Buy Online

L shaped shower curtain rods which is also known as the corner shower rod is widely used in open bathrooms and bath tubs to hold shower curtains. These shower rods comes in handy to decorate your shower area with any kind of shower curtains that you want to use. Whatever may be the size of your shower area, you can use L Shaped Rods with other straight rods to creating a perfect bathing space.

There are many sizes of corner shower rods, and I find the 60 x 26 inch to be the most common size and widely used in most bathrooms. So here I have selected a small list of some of the best L shaped shower curtain rods that you can buy online from Amazon. So here is the list.

1. 60″ x 26″ Chrome L Shaped Shower Curtain Rods & Wall Mounts

This is an L shaped corner shower rod which is made of brass tubing with a chrome plating. This curtain rod comes with 2 wall flange mounts and a 36 inch adjustable ceiling support.

You can use these rods for holding shower curtains for your bath tubs or shower enclosures. You can use the wall mounts and the ceiling support to fix it in your bath room on your own.

The rods can also be cut to fit it for your enclosures. The polished chrome finish gives it a good appearance and also makes it rust proof.

2. Corner Shower Curtain Rod WIth Chrome Finish

This L shaped corner shower curtain rod comes in a universal size of 67 x 36 inches which can be cut and re-sized to 40 x 63 inches.

The accessories that comes with it includes wall mounts, curtain hooks and a 21 inch ceiling support. The L shaped rods are of Aluminum with chrome plating.

The shower curtain tracks are designed in a way that it can move freely and not get stuck. The price of the product is also quite affordable.

L Shaped Shower Curtain Rods

3. L Shaped Shower Curtain Rods From Barclay

This is a full brass shower curtain rod (L shaped) from the brand of Barclay. The manufacturer specifies that the product size is 66 x 48 inches and you can cut it into any size.

The brand, Barclay is quite renowned in making toilet accessories and this product lives up to its standard in all respects.

The only issue that I see is that it does not come with a ceiling support and you need to order that separately.

4. L Shaped Corner Shower Curtain Rod From Zenna Home

This is a high quality L shaped wrap around shower rod with a perfect white finish. this shower curtain rod does not need ceiling support as it is attached to the wall at both the ends.

The 90 degree L shape is curved well to give it an aesthetic touch. This will also help the shower curtains to move smoothly.

The size of the rod is 66 x 28 inches. So if you have a small shower area, this will be a good purchase.

corner shower curtain rod

5. L Shaped Telescopic Shower Curtain Rod From Croydex

This is a L shaped telescopic rod for your shower curtains. Since it is telescopic, you dont need to worry about cutting down the rods to fit to your correct sizes.

This L shaped rod can extend up to 78 x 43 inches to the maximum. The attachments to the wall is through screw fitted wall brackets.

The make of this telescopic shower curtain rod is of Aluminum with white epoxy powder coating.

6. Bendable Curved Corner Shower Curtain Rod

Unlike the other L shaped rod options I have given above, this is a flexible and bendable shower curtain rod. You can bend this rod to any shape to fit your shower area.

This is a 10 feet long rod with ceiling attachments. You can bend to a L or S shape to hang your shower curtains. This comes in a white finish which is guaranteed rust proof.

This is a good option, if you have a small bathroom or wants to make a circular shower enclosures etc.