Best Long Plaid Shirt To Wear With Leggings For 2016

Leggings are great outfits that are for suitable for casual and comfortable wearing. Leggings are women’s best friend and most of them love to wear leggings as it makes them look sexy and slim. They can be worn by women of any shape and body size. Leggings can be tricky because they are not tights or skinny pants, you need to think and choose the right piece of clothing along with it for ex: long shirts or tunics.

Leggings are also great with long plaid shirts. I have gone through various sites for good plaid shirts and finally selected few long plaid shirt to wear with leggings which can give you a fresh summer look. If you dont like plaid shirts, then you can try long denim shirts or long flannel shirts as well.

1. OCHENTA Roll Up Sleeve Long Plaid Flannel Shirt

This long plaid flannel shirt is from Ochenta and it is a comfortable shirt for your relaxed weekends.

It is made from high quality soft brushed cotton. This shirt is non fading and anti-piling. The flannel shirts have tabs to hold rolled up sleeve and hem and also front pockets.

This plaid flannel shirt goes well with winter, autumn and spring season. You can have them in air conditioned room during summer too. You have a wide range of 25 different colors and 89 sizes for option. This shirt is available for you at a price ranging from $14.

2. Long Plaid Checkered Shirt For Leggings

Designed by Awesome21, this stylish and unique flannel plaid shirt is really good to wear in any occasions.

It has button end closure and made up of soft woven flannel fabric with lovely color variations. This hot trendy plaid shirt comes with a belt that will give you proper fitting.

The shirt goes well especially with denim jeans, printed leggings and chino pants. It has beautiful full length long sleeves that are suitable for all seasons. You may also wear this plaid shirt as an outwear open with a tank top. You have 9 optional colors and you can have this one in your wardrobe at around $30.

Long Plaid Shirt To Wear With Leggings

3. Women’s Long Plaid Checkered Button Down Shirt

This long plaid button down shirt from Makeitmint goes well with dark colored leggings.

The rolled up sleeves, single front pocket and the lose fit provides you lot of room and make you feel comfortable.

It is made from 100% cotton fabric. It is available for you at 3 different colors at the cost of around $17, which is a great value for your money.

4. Ladies Long Plaid Shirt To Wear With Leggings

The classic plaid flannel design shirt from Legendary Whitetails is a great piece of clothing that goes with leggings or denim jeans.

It is made from yarn dyed lightweight fabric that will make you feel comfortable. It is available you in 3 various colors.

This flannel shirt has custom legendary buttons and a feminine cut. It also has button closure cuffs, front button closure and twin chest pockets that give you sexy and a fresh look.

5. Women’s Mid-Long Style Roll-Up Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt

This women’s mid-long style plaid flannel shirt from Ochenta is a classic outfit that goes well with jeans or leggings.

It is made from 100% soft- brushed cotton and it has tabs to hold the hem and rolled up sleeves. The shirt is wrinkle- resistant, slim-fit blouse and single breasted. It also has 2 chest pockets that add to its look.

This is a comfortable shirt for your relaxing weekends. This flannel shirt is available for you in 20 different colors and you can order them at the price starting from $19.

Long Plaid Shirts for Leggings

6. ipretty Long Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt

This mid-long style long sleeve plaid flannel shirt from Ipretty is fashionable and sporty outfit.

You can match up any leggings or denim skinny jeans. This is available for almost all the sizes up to 3XL.

It also provides you a casual look and it is made from soft and breathable material of high quality. This red plaid top blouse has single front pocket and it is available for you at price ranging from $15 to $25.