Best Periodic Table Shower Curtains To Buy Online

Buying a periodic table shower curtain for your kids is a very good idea. Kids love to waste a lot of time over the shower and if they can get too see the periodic table printed on to the shower curtains, then it will make it very easy for them to learn it. Believe me, it will be a very unique piece and over a period of time you will surprised how much they have learned it, that too without much efforts.

Periodic table shower curtains comes in various colors and designs. It is an gift for chemistry students and also to give a geeky appearance to your home decor. So I have selected some of the best shower curtains with the periodic table print and you can click on the product link to know the current price on Amazon.

1. Periodic Table of Elements Shower Curtain

This is a big shower curtain sized 71 x 71 inches, which is about 180 cm length and width. This shower curtain comes with plastic rings to attach to the curtain rod.

It is made from an odor less and toxic free fabric (not from PVC), which is an ideal option for shower curtains. The fabric is water resistant polyester and you can machine wash them without any problems. They also have other variants like world map, US map etc.

2. Periodic Table Shower Curtain Made Of EVA Vinyl

This is the official shower curtain design of The Big Bang Theory. The curtain is made of eco friendly Eva Vinyl. The size is 71 x 71 inches which will be suitable for all standard size bath tubs.

Now you can decorate your shower area like the hit show Big Bang Theory. If you want to gift it to someone, then you can add a note to the seller and they will send it with a gift message.

Periodic Table Shower Curtains

3. Navy Blue Periodic Table Shower Curtains For Bathroom

This periodic table shower curtain comes in a Navy blue polyester fabric which is ideal for a light colored bathroom. There are different color codes for each element group and IMHO it looks too geeky.

The size is 66 inch width and 72 inch height. This is a good upgrade from other cartoon themed curtains like Mickey Mouse shower curtain, especially when your kids grow up. In addition to the decor, it will help your kids pick up element names and groups easily.

4. Periodic Table Chemistry Educational Shower Curtain

You might mistake this simple Chemistry shower curtain for a whiteboard in your school. It is a plain white colored Polyester fabric with neatly printed periodic table in colors.

This is printed on demand so it may take up to 5 days for shipping once you order. But if you want to customize it, then it will be a good choice to order this curtain. It is priced quite decently and is below $30.

5. Colorful Periodic Table Shower Fabric Curtain

This is a basic and simple elementary school chemistry table shower curtain which is custom printed as per your order. So you can add your kid’s name etc to the periodic table.

It is of standard size and if you want any specific size, then you can inform the seller while ordering. Let this be the best gift and a motivation for your kids to study harder!