Best Purple Baby Bedding Sets For 2016

Every parent would want to provide the best amenities to their new born babies. Baby bedding sets are such an important product as the babies are very sensitive and a good quality bedding is always preferred. Purple baby bedding sets are a good choice of color. I would recommend you to choose a light purple color as it is very soothing to eyes (the choice of shade depends from person to person).

There are many types of purple baby bedding. You can choose the basic quilt and sheet bedding or the ones that comes as a 9 piece set. I have put together a small list of some of the best bedding sets and I have tried to include all the types so it will be easy to choose for you. Go to the individual product page to know more about it and read the reviews.

1. Lambs & Ivy 5 Piece Purple Bedding Set

This is light purple 5 piece crib bedding set for your baby. This is a whole set that comes with diaper stacker, quilt, bed sheets etc.

The bed sheets are of standard size so that it will fit to all types of standard mattresses. The materials are latex and lead free which is a must for all baby bedding types.

Compared to the price of the product, this is an excellent choice in my opinion.

2. Safari 13 Piece Girl Crib Bedding In Purple Color

This is a special purple owl baby bedding which comes as a 13 piece product. The product is called Safari Baby Crib Bedding with graphics of various animals.

The 13 piece includes crib bumper, a stylish pillow, quilt, bed sheets and several wall hangings which are quite adorable.

The seller will also stitch your baby’s name to the quilt and pillow if you want it to be so. That is an added advantage for this item.

purple baby bedding

3. Disney 4 Piece Minnie Toddler Bedding Set – Purple

This 4 piece purple bedding is inspired by the Minnie Mouse cartoon character.

The bedding comforter is made of cotton and it has lots of graphical elements featuring the Disney character.

This is a very simple bedding for your toddler, which comes with a pillow case, bed sheets and comforter.

4. Purple 8 Pieces Crib Bedding Set

This is a wonderful 8 piece pink and purple baby bedding set from Amazon.

The outer covers are all made from pure cotton and the filling is purely polyester. Other than the normal bedding items it also has the fleece blanket and dust ruffle.

All the patterns are hand sewn and it can be customized if you message the seller after your purchase.

5. Minky Purple 10 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set

This is a 10 piece purple paisley baby bedding sold by Baby Fad. It has all the parts of a crib which includes the diaper store, crib bumper, quilt etc.

It is sold by a renowned brand and most of the times you can get some awesome deals, so don’t forget to checkout for the price.

This bedding set also has a musical mobile, which could be a bonus!

purple baby bedding sets

6. Purple Baby Bedding – 4-In-1 Crib Set by The Peanut Shell

This purple elephant baby bedding is a 4 in one bedding set for your dear baby.

Unlike other products this one has a big sized quilt which is made in the patchwork design, which looks quite nice.

The whole bedding set is quite simple with just the basic elements of coverlet, pillow case and sheets.