Bucket Seat Covers – The Definite Guide To Choose The Best

The luxury vehicles, including cars, SUVs and trucks get to enjoy a brand name only because of the features they exhibit. Mainly, the interiors are a yardstick of the elegant and mind-blowing features, especially, the seat configuration and looks.

The new-generation wagons are equipped with factory seats made of high quality materials, especially the front bucket passenger seat and the driver seat. Hence, to protect it as well as to maintain the décor, you will have to choose the best quality Bucket Seat Covers.

The advancement in the designs of the Bucket seat covers will surprise you. They are made of high quality material to maintain the elegance.

The bucket seats in a wagon have more special features compared to the bench or back seats, like 8 way power adjustment in the driver seat, power lumbar, height adjustment and many more. Hence, while designing the covers, the designers may have taken all these aspects into consideration to develop a suitable seat cover.

bucket Seat Covers full


These seat covers not only provide protection to your seats, but also conceal any tear and wear visible on the factory seats.


The bucket seat covers available in the market are a universal fit, hence they will suit every wagon’s bucket seat and you can get them in the colors of your choice.

They are made of high quality polyester material or Faux PU Leather material for durability and comfort. With the advanced technology, they have been treated to resist water and UV rays.

Bucket Seat Covers On Discount

ImageProductDiscount Price
ImageProductDiscount Price
Full Bucket Fine Velvet Seat Covers - Rich Beige Velour Front Pair $19.95
Solvit Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover for Pets $20.99
Sports Bucket Seat Covers Airbag Ready Black & Red $29.99
Classic Exquisite Leather Bucket Seat Covers, Airbag compatible, Grey / Black color $36.99

It is pre-treated with a scotch-guard to protect from stain and dust. The material prevents the growth of rot, fungi, mildew and other organisms. Plenty of buckle straps, Velcro, zippers and pull through flaps help in the easy installation of these seat covers. They snug firmly over the seat to provide a complete protection without slipping off the seat.

These beautifully designed bucket seat covers provide space for airbags and mesh pockets. They include headrest and armrest along with space for seat belts. Brilliant designing gives access to all the controls surrounding the bucket seats without concealing them.

The newly available seat covers are subject to scanning under 3D imaging equipment and digital scanning gadgets to ensure the universal fit size.


bucket Seat CoversSeat covers are always advantageous, as it protects from pet’s or kids’ excessive use like scratching, spilling or dirtying. Installed seat covers help to protect your factory seats by providing a long life without damaging, thus keeping it intact.

The easy installation and removal help to maintain the seat covers by washing and tumble drying.

They can also be spot cleaned and air dried. So now, you can take along your pets or kids for a drive without any stress. The soft cushion and the sponge backing impart a comfortable posture in the front seats.

No tools are required to install these seats, instead, an installation instruction book is available. The seat covers are offered with one year warranty.

Types of Bucket Seat Covers

Auto Drive Baja Blanket Bucket Seat Cover

These seat covers are available for any bucket seat, with or without headrest. These amazing seat covers have colorful Baja inspired stripe design. The high quality polyester seat covers have foam backing for seating comfort.

Auto Drive Shiny Shaggy Purple Bucket Seat Cover

It is a set of 2 bucket seat covers, designed in polyester material with bright purple hue. These shaggy seats-covers come with 1 year warranty.

Auto Expressions Zebra with Low Back Seat Cover

These easy to fold and store, seat covers can block 99 percent of UV rays. The design is quite impressive with black background and in the center with a zebra design outlined in pink shade.

Mossy Oak Camo Bucket Seat Covers

These bucket seat covers display a beautiful camouflage design, and ensure a long lasting durability, as it is made of a high quality Neoprene material that can resist dirt and water admirably.