Top 10 Arguments Against Gay Marriage

Gay marriage rights

A right-wing advocacy group, the American family Association, published ten arguments opposing same-sex marriage.  Seemingly based on James Dobson’s Marriage under Fire, the points of view condemning same-sex-marriage put forth, lack substance, and draw upon most inappropriate and inconsequential quotes…
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Where Is Gay Marriage Legal?

Same sex Marriage in US

Whenever this subject comes up for discussion, varieties of opinions surface, and many seem ignorant about the topic. The argument echoes loudly that, while the world and communities at large are fighting for equal rights on everything, what then is…
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Gay Marriage Facts

Gay Marriage

According to last month’s news, traditionalists believe that marriages are no longer the fashion, since a lot of women from America below 30 give birth to children without legally being married, leading to serious consequences for the community. Hence many…
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Lesbian Wedding – A Marriage Of Equality

lesbian weddings

When two people belonging to the same-sex marry, (biological sex or identical genders), they call it a marriage of the same-sex (Gay marriage or Lesbian wedding). There are supporters who legally recognize marriage of same-sex; they refer to this as…
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