Cats Are Not Dogs, And Cat Training Is Difficult! 

Though cat training is difficult they are being trained despite all odds. Cats are independent natures, they will not understand your commands easily, and cat despisers will say that since training is difficult, cats are bad pets.   We can dismiss this as irresponsible statement. Cats also can be training, but not using the methods for dog training.

Dogs and cats react differently, since they have their own type of instincts.  You can make a dog a good leader using the dog’s pack instincts and it can be trained easily after it recognizes the pack qualities. when it comes to a cat, you cannot train it in that manner. Cats never follow pack leaders and they never belong to any pack.

If you try to train the cat using punishments and rewards systems, you will be only instilling fear in the cat. This has people to think cat training is difficult. It is common for cat rearing people to believe that their cat knows when it does wrong, since the cat if caught in some work will run and hideaway, which only suggests it is afraid of you, and has only picked up recognizing your body mannerism.  Cats are known to be very able in recognizing even small changes in your body languages, and run away if you are seen angry.

Cat Training On Toilet

Cat Training On Toilet

You can still start solving its training problems by making the pet, a real pet through petting, cajoling, and rewarding it often. If you rub the cat the wrong way, you will only be creating a kind of difference and distance between the cat and yourself. Pet it and it will remain a pet for long.

Unlike a dog, it will not obey your every command.  Petting, cleaning with your hands its coat, occasionally trying to talk and banter with it; though both you and the cat wouldn’t understand the language, these are good ways to keep it under control.  Cat training requires skills of understanding.