Concrete Grinder Rental – Research Well To Get The Best Service

The concrete grinder offers a solution for various concrete floor resurfacing jobs. You can have these grinders in gas model as well as in electric models. It serves as a multipurpose tool used primarily for grinding, resurfacing, polishing, stain removal, and blending concrete surfaces that are uneven, ensuring concrete floor finishes of the highest order.

How do you source the rentals?

If you are searching for a Concrete Grinder rental, then you can visit various websites to find a great deal of information, or you take the help of the yellow pages to locate these rentals in your town/ city. You can also visit your nearby hardware store, who, most probably, will deal with a concrete grinder rental company.

When considering a Concrete Grinder Rental service, there are several factors that you have to take into the reckoning to suit the job you have in hand.

Concrete Grinder Configurations

The concrete grinder is available under two configurations; as Rotary Grinders and Planetary Grinders.

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The planetary Grinders

Planetary GrindersThe planetary grinder is flexible and easy to use. They are comparatively light in weight. This character of planetary grinder makes them easy to handle and maneuver. Their fine design assists the user to operate it with comparative ease and low struggle and navigate the grinder to travel in a straight line on the floor.

The Handheld Angle Grinder

The Handheld Angle Grinder is a most frequently used specialized tool, mainly for working on work tops or counter tops. They are light in weight; thus it can be applied in small areas, door sills or on walls. For greater control use Type 28 plate discs instead of using Type 27 plain discs.

Floor Grinders

concrete electronic Floor GrindersFloor grinding machines are basically heavy and larger units that roll across the floor. These are made to cover a larger area in less time, they are smooth in operation and manipulation and are less difficult to handle than the handheld devices.. These units come with a wide attachment option of concrete finishing tools that can suit your distinct requirements. Few attachments function to take out the concrete while others are made to eliminate floor coating.

Dry Grinders

Dry grinding is usually preferred over wet grinding. This is because it requires lesser number people than the other. A HEPA filter collects all fine and minute dust on the floor, since fine concrete dust contains silica and is very dangerous to the lungs, leading to silicosis.

Wet Grinders

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Wet grinders are available only in high electrical power units. The electric power may range up to 220 Volts and upwards. Since a concrete floor can be wet, these machines may require a voltage in excess of 110v.

Variable speed grinders

Variable speed option is another amazing feature that only electric powered versions, offer. This feature permits you to slow down the speed of grinding and ensure that the tool has a closer and more intimate contact with the floor.

2-Head Floor Grinder Attachments

2-Head Floor Grinder Attachments2-Head Floor Grinder Attachments comprise of 6 grinding stones or cutter heads. Each head rotates in the counter direction of the other head. This counter rotation offers superior grinding control.

LP Gas-run grinders

Few grinding machines are available for running on LP gas. These LP gas powered grinders can be used in well ventilated areas. The only disadvantage of LP gas grinder is that they have less features when compared to electric powered model.

Rotary Grinders

Rotary Grinder is different from Planetary Grinders in terms of their rotator disc. There are various forms of Rotary Grinders, but they all use the same mechanism. Rotary Grinder basically has a large single disc at the bottom that rotates on the floor. Variations in of the Rotary Grinder can use small size, counter rotating discs. You may find it difficult to obtain this equipment easily under a concrete grinder rental scheme.

Grinding tools

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels