Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Of 2016 – Top 6 Deals Online

Are you planning to get a diamond ring that turns every one’s head and pleases your fiancee beyond her expectation?  If so, you cannot find a better option  than considering Cushion Cut engagement Rings. Their revival, starting  from the 19th and 20th centuries has been a revelation to modern aficionados of diamond cuts.

Now days, cushion cut diamonds with its beautiful classic cuts are quite popular for use in engagement rings. In fact, they are now synonymous with engagement rings. It enhances the occasion and adds love and happiness in the relationship.

Its vital significance in the engagement ring lies in its fabulous cut. The spectacular slice and cut can be best seen in Square, Oval and Spherical Shape. All credit goes to Tolkowsky, a pioneer  in the contemporary dazzling diamond cuts. Today, jewelers go for minute cutlets to showcase the cushion’s amazing features.

Who can defy the astonishing brilliance of the light and the rainbow of a real diamond in their ring? The sparkle and fire in cushion cut diamond engagement rings, attract unfailingly and cause many heads to turn and look at this brilliant stone.

Cushion Cut Diagram

Cushion Cut Diagram

A Cushion Cut

The cushion cut technology represents the cushion cut gemstone. The gemstone will be rectangular or square in shape with curved corners.

The rounded corners are finished with 58 facets, which enhance the pavilion. However, many jewelers use this technology to raise the clarity of the stone, while others use the cushion cut to cover the inclusions and flaws in the bumpy diamond.

Product ImageProduct NamePrice in $
Product ImageProduct NamePrice in $
Cushion Cut Diamond and Moissanite Engagement Ring Halo Pave 14K White Gold 0.88ctw1,451
Rose Gold Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with Pink CZs 109
2.5 Carat Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring108
BERRICLE Cushion Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver 2Pc Halo Bridal Ring Set .46 Size 548.99
5 Carat Princess Cushion Cut Grade AAAAA CZ Engagement Ring & Band Set. Rhodium Plated - Size 524.99
2.00 CT Platinum Plated Ladies Cushion and Round cut Cubic Zirconia CZ Engagement Halo Ring (Available in size 6, 7, 8) size 814.99

Since many people peep into the diamond stone from the table, jewelers put their best effort to confirm that the clarity of a diamond is at its best. This cut, when performed neatly and carefully, enhances the glitter and shine of the diamond, and consequently assists the  jeweler to provide an improved quality.

The evolution of cushioned diamonds is very ancient. This is the reason why the cushion cut was also known as the Old Mine Cut. In 1830, the diamond cut had a broad cutlet and a narrow girdle. One must thank technology to have helped to considerably increase the brilliance of a diamond.

Here is an interesting video that shows the hand shots of various types of cushion cut rings.

The Cushion Cut Diamond Rings of Today

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Despite the latest advancement in science and technology, the diamond cutters still use their skills to cut and shape the diamond in different memorable and bizarre, but  magnificent forms.

Now days, diamonds have enhanced proportion, superior polish and better equilibrium. All the credit of this enhancement goes to the evolving technology that is producing brilliant cushion cut  diamonds in the engagement rings.

Recently, a great rise in demand has been noticed for Cushion Cut Diamond, especially in engagement and wedding rings. Many celebrities flaunt their diamond ring unabashedly.

Do not forget that your pick of an engagement ring will symbolize the purity and your love. To maintain and take care of your ring, follow these tips.

– Fix a budget prior to buying a diamond ring. This not only saves your money but also saves a lot of yours as well as the jeweler sales clerk’s  time.

– Carefully check the 4C of diamonds that is the Color, the Cut, the Carat and the Clarity.

– Choose the metal for the ring, the design and stone cut.

– Ensure that the ring fits your ring finger perfectly  and that you feel comfortable with it.

– Confirm that the seller provides you GIA Certificate and check whether the gem is a Blood diamond or  Fair Trade Gem.