Dyson DC08 HEPA Filter – Top 5 Filters That Are Economical

Over a period of time, if you don’t change your HEPA filter for your Dyson Dc08 Vacuum cleaner, then there are chances of reducing the suction and performance of your equipment.  HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) is a high performance filter that can remove more than 99.7% of particles that are passed through. This is used in a wide range of areas including aircrafts, automobiles and even on appliances like the DC04, DC05 and DC08.

Most often it is difficult to find good quality replacement for your Dyson DC08 HEPA Filter. So, I thought of compiling a list of 5 top rated and economical replacement filters. Feel free to add your own experiences with these filters in the comment section, so that it will help everyone.

1.  Qualtex Hepa Post Motor Filter For Dyson – $10.78

This is a very economic filter that fits with most of the Dyson models like DC04, DC05, DC08, DC19, DC20, DC21 and DC29 Vacuum cleaners.

This is only a replacement non genuine post motor filter manufactured by Qualtex.


2.  CIMC Pre Motor HEPA Replacement Filter – $12.98

Another low priced Third party pre motor filter. This product is compatible with the following models of Dyson cleaners – DC05, DC08, DC14, and DC15.

It is fully compatible and weighs 10.6 ounces. This is manufactured by CIMC LLC.


3.  Dyson Original Hepa Filter – $48.70

For those of you who want only genuine OEM replacement products, this is the one. This is the original filter manufactured by Dyson and thus comes at slightly higher price.

It fits most of the Vacuum cleaners like Dyson DC04, DC05, DC08, DC19, DC29.


4.  First4Spares Post Motor Allergy Dyson Hepa Filter – $10.06


Lifetime washable replacement HEPA filter for your Dyson Vacuums. This is not an OEM part, it is a replacement part manufactured and sold by First4Spares. It is a high quality and washable filter that comes at a very cheap price.

5. First4Spares Post Motor Filters Pack Of 2 – $19.18

Out of all these the best deal will be this. A pack of 2 Post motor Hepa filter that fits most of the Dyson models.

This highly durable filter from third party vendor First4Spares has a dia of 151mm. You can interchange these filters for a optimum suction and performance of your vacuum cleaner.

It is essential to replace your filter after a certain period of time and it depends on the model of your vaccum cleaner. You can find these information on the user manuals. After replacing the filter, you can experience the increase in performance and suction of your Vacuum.