Dyson DC08 – The Most Ergonomic Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson is an innovative manufacturer who has released many a variety of home appliances into the market. They are known for technological developments like dual cyclone system, which is used in their vacuum cleaners.

They are well-known largely because of the line of great vacuum cleaners that they have developed. There are more than thirty varieties of vacuum cleaners like Dyson DC08 which are manufactured by them.

The Success and Reliability of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

dyson dc08 collection chamber

Dyson DC08 collection chamber

Dyson released its first vacuum cleaner in US market in 2003. Since then they have been selling millions of good quality vacuum cleaners. This has resulted in a dip in market share of other manufacturers.

Many say that this increase in sales is as a result of the hyped marketing campaign done by Dyson.

Campaigning must have helped a little bit, but it is hard to say that it is because of the marketing strategies that people are repeatedly buying this product.

It is the sheer quality of the product and the customer loyalty has resulted in its long term success.

Dyson DC08

Dyson DC08 Vacuum cleaner

James Dyson worked for years on making his first prototype vacuum cleaner concept in 1991. This design was shunned by many of the manufacturers whom he has approached at that time.

But his design won the best design award in Japanese market and his vacuum cleaner G-Force became a great hit. This provided him enough money for manufacturing a line of vacuum cleaners, starting from the popular Dyson DC01.

Need For Vacuum Cleaners

Years ago with the invention of microscope, we also discovered the presence of dust mites in all places where humans are living. These dust mites are small microscopic living critters which are one of the major causes of allergies in humans.

A good vacuum cleaner can help people to get rid of these dust mites which can cause allergic reactions. They live on the dead skin which is shed by humans; therefore, they are mostly found in our homes.

Most of the microscopic particles which caused diseases in humans are found in the creeks of the sofas and in small pores on the ground which can only be cleaned with a good vacuum cleaner.

Dyson Dc08 Vacuum Cleaners

The two main reasons for the success of this vacuum cleaner is the incorporation of a great deal of engineering and the sophistication in the designing. The cyclone technology developed solely by Dyson is the heart of its vacuum cleaners. They are very efficient as there is no loss in suction pressure as it is observed in other traditional vacuum cleaners.

This is made possible because this product does not have dust collection bag as in the case of others. Dust collection bags tend to clog up and cut the suction pressure when they fill up with dirt. This drawback is not found in Dyson Vacuum cleaners as they are using the cyclone technology to suck up the dirt from all nook and corners of our home and office.

dyson dc08

Dyson DC08 Side View

Dyson DC08 is a high performance vacuum cleaner. No other products have been known to have been having such are powerful sucking pressure which is comparable to that of Dyson DC 08. This helps us to clean our floor in as faster and more efficient way.

Very tiny particles like cat hair and mites will be cleaned by them in a single wipe. Dyson DC 08 vacuum cleaner is known to provide a steady suction force throughout the life time of its use.

This guarantee cannot be given by any other vacuum cleaners. Another feature is that they are light weight and can be maneuvered easily in our apartment with ease.

The long cleaning handle gives us a good reach to cover a lot of area in minimum time. This is very user friendly vacuum cleaner. It can be easily operated even by those who haven’t used a vacuum cleaner before. There is no need of buying any additional filters with this vacuum.

It comes with a trigger for release of suction. Dyson DC08 wand handle is very ergonomically designed. One of the main advantages sited by most of the users is that it can sit on the stairs comfortable and cleans very well. This is a feat which cannot be claimed by many vacuum cleaner manufacturers.