Gay Marriage Facts

According to last month’s news, traditionalists believe that marriages are no longer the fashion, since a lot of women from America below 30 give birth to children without legally being married, leading to serious consequences for the community. Hence many contradict same-sex marriages in order to preserve the original institution of marriage and they abhor same-sex unification that conservative Americans will not consider a marriage.

However a recent study on child trends reveals that same-sex marriage does not generally demoralize the sanctity of the great institution of marriage.

The reasons

Traditionalists dispute the liberty to marry, and if the recent elections are a yardstick, the subject of same-sex marriage is a burning issue. Maggie Gallagher has been a stout campaigner against gay marriage and supports her efforts by fundraising, writing and forming activist groups.  Her slogan is, “Children need a mom and a dad.” She says a wedding is not a rule of theories, marriage is a weak but important tradition that people trust, where adults care for their natural children (and vice versa).

Government permits this special union to strengthen the binding resolve of those who claim the role of “husband” or “wife,” and expect them to respect their commitments. At a later meeting she reiterated that after accepting a same-sex marriage, the grand institution of marriage is no longer sanctitious, especially when there is no longer a family with bonding of love between the unified parents and children.

Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage


This dispute is a non-starter. Childless couples, women who are post-menopausal and those who do not wish to have children, can still marry and lead a wonderful life. Many people do not like to associate with gays and prefer remaining single.

Gay marriage facts statistics researched on Child trends reveal that young mothers who oppose childbirth out of wedlock are mostly university students who favor same-sex marriage. But if Gallagher’s guesses that accepting same-sex marriage induces a reduction in the number of real marriages were correct, then these same-sex marriage followers will dwindle to a lesser count.

Many agree that Same-sex marriage or indeed, taking care of children by gays and lesbians has never harmed kids. Neither is there any substantiation that people refuse to marry since same-sex marriage is acknowledged. However history shows that commencing in the 1960s the divorce rates increased considerably even when gay marriage was not legally approved at that time.

Despite the fact that the dispute over gay equality has always been flimsy, most of the conservationists are stubborn about their anti-gay stance. Is it possible to have a dialogue and reason out things that convince these folks about the gay marriage legal equality, and of course, moral acceptance in society?

Yale’s Cultural Cognition Project research brought hope to the advocates of Gay rights. Based on a national survey of certain groups, researchers succeeded in relating the negative points of gay people with a wider outlook of the dangers of sanctioning them equality. This resulted in an understanding of the new findings that same-sex marriage or lesbian parents are harmless to kids.  Broad minded cultured people are also likely to disagree with the gay marriage facts. There are certain values that people hold high. Yale recommends widening the broad-mindedness of these people by presenting them with new data in a form that more or less conform to their basic values.

Some facts and figures

gay marriage facts

gay marriage facts

On 1st April 2001 Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen conducted the world’s first same-sex marriage.

In Netherlands 14,813 same-sex marriages happened of which 7,522 were women and 7291 men. That year there were 761,010 marriages. Also 1,078 same-sex couples broke-up, of which two-thirds were women and in general divorces counted for 323,549.

Argentina, Southern Africa, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Norway and Sweden officially permitted same-sex marriage. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont and Washington D.C. made it legal. In Belgium there were 13,055 same-sex marriages.