How to Clean a Sleep Number Bed?

You are now living in a world where new technologies are replacing the old ones every day with unimaginable pace, offering the benefits of this technological revolution to the human beings as a whole. In its wake you are seeing how things are getting easier and more comfortable to you in every walk of life.

The advent of the computers and other high-tech appliances has come a long way in reducing your stress at your home. Among these innovations, the Sleep Number Bed assumes importance for its multi-purpose uses.

Have you ever heard about comfort position setting in the bed? Yes, this bed comes with such attributes. A US manufacturing company, Select Comfort is the inventor of this hi-tech bed.

Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number Beds are the most modern and technically advanced mattresses available in the market, being distinct from the regular mattresses in many ways.

Regular mattresses are made up of coils and springs, whereas this beautiful mattress is filled with air chambers.

This air chamber technology allows you to set the bed’s comfort level. The firmness or softness of the bed can be set from the level 0 to 100.

This level can be adjusted separately for each individual side, thus, providing you with a restorative and comfortable sleep.

Apart from the relaxation criteria, these beds are best suited for the allergy victims. The Sleep Number Bed is made up of quality material that controls the growth of micro-organisms like molds and bacteria, commonly found in the regular mattresses. Therefore, those who suffer from allergy will surely benefit from this hi-tech bed.

Like other household accessories, these beds too, require regular cleaning and caring, especially if you have pets or kids at home. Here are some tips to keep your Seep Number Bed clean.

Tips To Clean A Sleep Number Bed

Cleaning a mattress is a bit difficult job, especially when it is built with advanced technology. Unlike the regular mattresses, the bed cover of this unconventional bed cannot be washed or dried in a washing machine or dryer.

Rather, you can get a variety of cleaning substances in the market for these types of beds, but make sure to purchase only good quality products. The other ways to keep away dust and dirt are:

1. Vacuum Cleaners

vaccum-cleanerMake use of a vacuum cleaner to clean your Sleep Number Bed. It will help to steer clear mites, dusts and other particles that are not visible to our eyes.

The outer surface of the bed cover must be properly vacuumed, as most part of the waste and dust will be accumulated over there. Do not forget to clean the exterior corners of the bed.


2. Wet soft cloth

wet-cleaning-clothUse a wet cloth having a soft material to remove the stains or dirt mark on the bed cover. Never wash the bed cover directly with water. Wet the cloth using carbonated water or good quality light detergents.

For dark stains, dilute some mild detergent with carbonated water and use it on the bed cover with the help of a clean cloth or rug. Using a lint-free cloth is recommended to clean the stains.

If the bed cover gets too wet by cleaning, use the rug to pat dry the excess liquid solution. Leave it to dry well before using sheets over the mattress.

3. Bed covers with a zip

sleep number bed covers with zipNow-a-days, the available Sleep Number Bed covers come with a zip. Hence, now the cleaning process is much easier. Just unzip the bed cover for cleaning.

You must not process it in a washing machine or in a dryer either. You can remove the bed cover and use a vacuum cleaner for clearing dust and other particles.

Tips to maintain your Sleep Number Bed

Avoid using foodstuffs or liquid drinks on or near the mattress, or it may spill over the bed, which can lead to the growth of micro-organisms.

– Though, the Sleep Number Bed is bacteria and mold proof, dampness inside or outside the mattress may cause the growth of such organisms.

– Clean the mattress once in every 3 to 4 days to keep it neat and tidy and to increase its lifespan.