How To Polish Concrete?

Polished concretes are used with chemical Densifiers as well layered with fine grinding tool over the surface. These tools for grinding are basically the diamond grits, polishing diamond pads and grinding cup wheel. How to polish concrete is an intricate affair.

In order to polish the concrete use the grit level that go beyond 400 grit. The grit level that is in practice for concrete floor finishing are 3000, 1500 or 800. Generally, dyes and stains add to the polish to enhance its shine. However, if you want designs on your concrete flooring, then you can opt from bands, borders, grids, scoring, radial lines and many others.


However, among the designer concrete flooring, a polished concrete finish is generally considered better for design flooring as it utilizes the material that is already present in it. Nowadays, modern building are incorporating concrete slabs into their building activity as polishing the uncovered concrete does not require more material and energy inputs, as required if you were laying tiles or some other covering. Going in for concrete slabs should be uppermost in the thoughts of the builders before start of construction for both its ruggedness and longevity.


Polished floor requires low maintenance; they are generally durable and comparatively simpler to keep clean than any other flooring options. They are non slippery as well and have a high friction coefficient. The surface of a polished concrete floor is hard and therefore, it will not dent or chip like other softer surface like timber. All the maintenance it requires is a mopping with hot water once in a week. Concrete floor with polish are highly durable and they can offer you service beyond 100 years.

The Finish

Polishing concrete floor or sanding wood, both have same process. Heavy duty concrete finishing tools, such as concrete grinder are used to grind the surface to achieve the desired quality of smoothness or shine. The closest would be like polished marble or polished granite.

Categorization Of Concrete Floor Installation

Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

Installation of a polished floor of concrete can be categorized into 2 types

1) New floor
2) Retrofit floors

If you want that your floor always looks best, then you have to clean it regularly. This practice will benefit you from getting your floor, polished frequently as well. This will not only improve its outlook, but also enhance its shine.

To polish your floor efficiently, you need to work on the floor in stages. This can be done using different texture disks. However, you need to keep some patience, especially when the area of the floor is big. But your patience will surely give you the best output. Following are the guidelines on how to polish concrete.

1. Clean the surface area of the floor using broom. Sweeping will eliminate all debris and dirt from the floor.

2. Mop

3. Mix a mild detergent with water and blend well in a mop bucket. This solution will work well to eliminate the mild strains and residential dust.


4. Polish with Coarse Grit

Use 500 grit level coarse grit disks for polishing. To remove the rough area and stubborn stains, start polishing from one end and move gradually to the other side, until the whole floor area is complete and you have the concrete floor finishes to your satisfaction. To cover the floor area, use circular motion with coarse-grit polishing disk

5. Fine Grit

Change over from the coarse-grit disk for polishing with fine polishing grit. Work in circular motion over the whole floor. All residual strain should be removed while polishing and avoid overlapping movements.


6. Extra-Fine Grit

Finally, use fine grit of level 1500 as polishing fine that will offer your floor a fine glass like shine. Use the grit in circular motion over the complete floor area. Make sure that that the circular motions overlap the earlier grinding area.

7. Apply Concrete Floor Polish

In your efforts to learn how to polish concrete, take the help of a floor grinder for polishing the entire floor surface. This will give an extra luster to the floor. After this all, your polished concrete floor will look at its best.