How To Tell If Dental Insurance Quotes Are Too High?

Are you victim to an unreasonable dental insurance quote? Well, to be certain, you need to analyze all the clauses mentioned in it. Of course you cannot expect full coverage of all expenses connected to dental procedures especially if they are complex, leading to astronomical charges. At the most you can expect to be reimbursed a part of the hefty bill. But it’s vital that your policy covers most of the preventative and basic dental procedures.

Now, you can be sure that your dental insurance quote is unreasonably high if it excludes X-ray charges; expenses related to invasive procedures and provide limited benefits and premiums. If it does not provide at least a 70%-80% reimbursement plan, the quote is by no means a reasonable one. Does the higher premium quoted in your policy include advanced procedures such as dental surgery, denture work or orthodontics?   If all you’re looking for in your policy is some mandatory dental care, then there’s no need to dole out extra cash by way of premiums for expensive cosmetic dental work included in a comprehensive dental plan.

Have you considered the deductible payment mentioned in the quote. The higher the deductible, i.e. the amount you are required to pay, the lower will be the monthly payments, provided you are able to meet the higher copayments when required. In case the higher quote does not respect this provision and sets down higher premiums, then the quote is definitely expensive.

High dental insurance quotes

High dental insurance quotes

Most insurers’ have contracts with a network of dentists. Check to see if yours is included in your insurer’s list. If not, then you lose out on a number of benefits available from an in-network dentist. So why pay a higher price in case you are particular about sticking with your preferred dentist. What is the amount of annual reimbursement mentioned in the quote? Does it come up to at least $3000/year and also check to see the number of procedures allowed since some policies limit them to very few.

Have a close look at the treatment plans mentioned in the quote. There are some shrewd insurers out there who can trick you into taking up the least expensive treatment options for a given condition when there are more effective alternatives available. If the decision on treatment under the copayment cannot be decided by you or your dentist and the cost control is given in the policy guidelines, a higher quote is not justified.

With dental expenses skyrocketing beyond affordable limits, procuring a good dental insurance policy is inevitable. It’s best to study and compare the pros and cons of different types of policies available in the market before you make a final commitment.