Jeans For Women Over 40 – Top 5 Products That Suits You In 2016

Jeans is a trendy and awesome looking costume that suit many women, irrespective of their age. Getting a perfect fitting jean is also a big deal, especially for those who are over 40. It is mainly because, comfort and style are the most important aspects of attire. Hence, there are certain guidelines to be followed while trying on new Jeans For Women Over 40 and above.

How to Get the Best Fit Over 40

To get better fitting jeans, the denim style is not as important as its quality. Jeans that are made of high quality denim will give a proper shape and will not loosen even after many washes. The ones that stretch less will fit more perfectly and it very well gives the appearance of a good shape by revealing the curves of the body.

Experts say that it is not only the quality of the jeans, but where it is produced that is important. Jeans made in Turkey, Japan or Italy are of premium quality. These countries are known for producing the best quality soft denim that provides better shape.

Top 5 Jeans For Women Over 40 I Found on Amazon

1. Levi’s Women’s Plus Size 512 Boot Cut Jeans

This lovely boot cut jeans from Levi’s comes in 3 colors. The design is classic boot cut with 20″ opening.

All of them are dark shades and will easily suit women over 40. It is made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane which will give you enough stretch. Be sure to check the size chart to get the perfect fit that you want.

2. Gloria Vanderbilt Plus Size Straight Leg Denim

If you are not a fan of boot leg designs, then you can try this straight leg denim jeans from Gloria Vanderbilt. This has a tapered leg design, which will give you a slim appearance.

It is a classic comfort fit and most ladies love this jeans for the fitting and varied color options that they have. They have around 7 color options.

3. Woman Within Wide Leg Stretch Jeans

Woman Within is another popular brand that makes classic fit jeans for ladies above the age of 40. This design might look a bit old school, but it is suitable for daily wear and casual occasions.

Wide leg stretch designs are quite popular as it is neither boot leg or straight leg. It comes with a back Yoke for better fit and comfort.

4. Lee Women’s Straight Leg Jeans

This is a plus size relaxed fit straight leg Jeans from Lee.

This jeans is suited for long legged women. Most jeans comes with an inseam of 30″. But this denims have wide varieties of inseam length that can go upto 36″.

The material is not that stretchable, so you should check the exact size before ordering.

5. LA Idol Plus Size Bootcut Jeans

This boot cut jeans from LA Idol is suited for women who are looking for a more funky option than the once listed above. Yes, to some of you the above options might be boring.

This is more like a party wear jeans with bold embroidery on the back pockets. It comes in two colors, dark blue and black. The designs are the same. The inseam lengths can be a bit long, so if you are tall, this is going to fit you so perfectly.

Women 40+ Tips

Women above 40 years of age, who want a flattering appearance, should consider the below important points. They must preferably go for dark colored jeans, which will make them look slimmer.

Properly fitting jeans should be preferred to give a perfect shape to the mature body line. Hence, they should desist from taking advantage of cheap prices in a sale, as the chances for a proper fit are remote. Similarly, choosing high-rise or mid-rise jeans will be good, as they will stick well to the figure of a matured woman, without revealing the unfavorable sides of the body shape.

To get a leaner look in jeans, rips, detailing or faded areas on the visible parts of the jeans should be avoided. Wide legged or flared jeans are also ideal for a middle aged women’s body figure, and it goes well with high heels. Cropped jeans are another good choice for tall women, as it will make them look younger.

Some jeans perfectly suit the mature bodies, exposing the curves and shapes in an appropriate manner. Some of those jeans are-:

High Waist Jeans

The denim in a sky high design is still in trend. High waist type of denim, suits women who are tall and thin, but is a fabulous attire to wear for an evening out or an event. Pairing it with a silk tank and a blazer will give a super look at night. Bold and chunky accessories will match perfectly with this costume.

Relaxed Skinny Jeans

It is similar to the boyfriend jeans, but is better tailored than the latter. It goes well with sneakers and heels. These skinny jeans can also be paired off well with a casual blouse with printed designs or a T-shirt.

Washed Out Denim

This type of jeans is inspired from the trends of the 70s, as it alludes to a 20 year use. They are mostly seen in faded and light colors and are loose on the body, and perfect for a spring or summer season. It gives a casual and, cool look, which is perfect attire for a Sunday afternoon roaming through markets or for a hangout at any café.