Jessica McClintock Furniture And Their History

Jessica Gagnon McClintock, born in the Presque Isle in Maine on 10 June 1930, completed her graduation from San Jose State University in the year 1950, and went on to take her doctorate from the Academy Art University, California, in 1963. Later on, she founded a retail company in San Francisco, California, called Jessica McClintock, Inc, and took charge as its President and CEO that produces the wonderful Jessica McClintock Furniture.

Having relinquished her initial aspirations of becoming a teacher, she went into business in 1970 by buying a 50 % share of the Gunne Sax Clothing Company for a paltry $5000, and when her partner wanted to relinquish the rest of its shares, Jessica bought the balance ownership for another $5000.

jessica mcclintock furnitureThis company became Jessica McClintock Inc. in 1973. The company now sells a repertoire of merchandise including clothing and its accessories, bridal wear, home décor inclusive of furniture and even eyeglasses

Furniture from Jessica McClintock always has an aura of romanticism and personal touch designed into the beautifully ornamented lovely pieces to compliment your home décor. With designer touches adding finesse and elegance, the blend of material, art and true endeavor produce those dazzling masterpieces.

The main core finishes off “Dark Buroque” and “White Veil” work their wonders on the basic crafting from materials like Oak, Marble, Pecan Veneers, Marble, Metal and Silver Leaf. The White Veil allows meaningful exposure of the wood grains, in a kind of antique finish in some areas while a textured finish shows off on some other areas.

Wormholes, worn edges rubbed through, water spotting and the likes, are accentuated by distressed detailing. They use a revival finish to finish most of the tops of the White Veil members. This represents a raw-rub finish on the pecan veneers resulting in imitating an antique finish with its originality worn off.

Most bedroom furniture sport the Baroque Finish, that holds forth a darker cappuccino-colored used finish, supported by archaic glazed oak veneers and wire brush touches.. In short, you can say that Jessica has truly developed a traditional styling of her own by blending her romanticism of the past with that of the present and the future.

The Blend and the Balance

With a balanced blend of inputs from nature and fashion, embellishments of hardware shaped like jewelry,  and the infusion of bowed and serpentine shapes, fashioned from mirror, marble, metal, leather and delicate veneers, this collection have a special never- seen- before distinctive aura about it.

jessica mcclintock white bedroom furniture

Many Americans today consider owning the Jessica McClintock home furniture not only as a matter of prestige, but also for its untiring longevity even after years of use. Most parents who want to change their children’s Jessica McClintock furniture after using it extensively, are now giving it to good furniture reconditioning experts to give it a complete makeover and get it back as good as new.

The loyalists

Jessica has a very involved and loyal clientele who follow her every move in introducing new collections, appropriate to her style and personality. Jessica McClintock is passionate about her “Romance Collection,” and explains how it touches her heart when she sees romance alluding to beauty. This “romance collection for young ladies” she dedicated to the young ladies in the country, and is actually inspired by the furniture at Jessica’s San Francisco home in California.

Jessica uses extraordinary grace,   delicate carvings and tinges of silver to show off her lovely antique furniture with its romantic appeal, to seduce the women from children through their teens into womanhood, into buying her pieces. Her motto is to ensure that her masterpieces always gel with the perceptions of fashion.

Jessica McClintock Romance Drawer Dresser

jessica mcclintock bedroom setsJessica’s “Romance Collection for young women has been a revelation because she has integrated at least something from her worldwide collections of furniture in her home in San Francisco, California into every piece of her collection.

Using a combination of multifarious wood products, solid hardwood, metal, marble, infusion of brass finishes and a blend of lovely veneers, she has truly taken the world of innovative and antique furniture designs to the next level.

She uses jewel shaped hardware to even suggest an heirloom appearance. You will be spoilt for choice between her various designs and finishes, and inspired by the romance she has delicately woven into each individual piece of furniture.

Jessica McClintock Couture

While we have focused on the Jessica McClintock furniture and its allure, it would be a crime to forget about the Jessica McClintock brand of couture that is a byword for any teen, fiancée, bridesmaid and especially the bride, whose elegant bridal dresses that Jessica has designed with passion and romance in the last three decades.

Recipient of a plethora of awards from the fashion world, and the recognition accorded to her signature fragrance as among the top ten in the market, Jessica McClintock Inc. continues to amaze her loyal followers and detractors as well, for the thoughtfulness and passion that make a statement on her every product. It has been her personal and romantic style that inspires her products worldwide, and rallies round to get her followers to buy her creations again and again.