Lesbian Wedding – A Marriage Of Equality

When two people belonging to the same-sex marry, (biological sex or identical genders), they call it a marriage of the same-sex (Gay marriage or Lesbian wedding). There are supporters who legally recognize marriage of same-sex; they refer to this as an equal marriage or one of equality.

During the ten years of the last decade, the authorities in several countries passed laws permitting same-sex marriage. In the month of May in 2013, 13 countries (Southern Africa, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Denmark, Brazil, Iceland, Canada, Belgium, and Argentina) and many parts of the United States and Mexico, permitted the marriage of couples of the same-sex.  Just a year ago the first three states to pass marriage of the same-sex into legislation in the US were Maine, Maryland, and Washington

Same-sex marriages are either a private civil ceremony or a religious function. Many religions all over the world favor marriage of same-sex or even perform marriage ceremonies for example: the United Church of Canada, United Church of Christ, the Metropolitan Community Church, Quakers and American Episcopalians.  The Reform and Conservative Jews, the Unitarian Universalists, Druids, Native American religions with a double culture and the Wiccans,  as also many developing and modernized Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and various other smaller religions also accept this.

lesbian weddings

Lesbian Weddings

A quiet wedding, a honeymoon or a celebration in a convenient locale provides the couple the God given opportunity to spend their time fruitfully with their guests, have a shopping spree and then relax at a pool or on the beach. You have several Lesbian wedding planners who take comprehensive care of all the arrangements including wedding rings, photographs, catering, flowers, music, wedding halls, and the like. Lesbian or gay couples can entrust everything officially, and need not worry about anything. The organizers plan down to the tiniest details, to make sure that everything goes on systematically. The motto of places like Key West is “one human family, “for a couple who chooses to have a wedding or conduct a pure celebration of love and acceptance in their premises.

Popular Destination For Lesbian Wedding

Places like Key West are among the selected places for these lesbian couples to organize their weddings and related ceremonies. Besides, this appears like the right place for an inspired honeymoon, accompanied by entertainments like sports, fishing and world-class diving.

There are ample reasons why Key West is famous for weddings of Gay and Lesbian couples. The attractive forests and mountains leave a lasting impression of the sweet memories of events and most Gay and Lesbian communities enjoy celebrating their memorable achievements there. The city invites their own Gay and Lesbians who are anxious to proudly celebrate their union. Key West resorts always cater to the special celebration requirements of these couples as and when they need it. Couples get the chance to celebrate a quiet wedding or a honeymoon in Key West and partake in the amusements along with their guests, walking through the shops along Duval street and lazing themselves  on the beach or in a pool.

Indian Lesbian Wedding

Indian Lesbian Wedding

The “Women’s-only” Pearl’s Rainbow resort and similar Caribbean Islands are lesbian friendly resorts with lovely turquoise colored sea, bordered by the pristine white sand for the ideal tropical wedding. These places have all arrangements for everything right from hair styling to catering, which makes couples enjoy a ceremony free from external disturbance.

Lesbian Wedding Rings

Here are some Tips for you and your bride for obtaining the correct wedding rings. The cost of the lesbian wedding rings depends on the diverse designs, and the exquisite quality of gems, the metal used and the comfort of your bankroll. Lesbians like to match their wedding rings, and the  most popular  rings personify rainbow stones, triangles and /or the Venus symbol. Choose the stones that are right for both of you.  These rings represent to the world the symbol of marriage of the same-sex. Silver metal being soft is liable to develop scratches and bend, and thus not advisable. An antique jewelry shop is a suitable place for you to get a wide choice on a suitable budget. Try your best to buy from a metropolitan place where you do not have to suffer salesmen who are hypocrites.