LG optimus P500

Integral features of LG optimus P500

LG optimus P500 is considered as a cost effective alternative to expensive devices. This phone is blessed with unlimited applications and advanced technology. The main feature of LG P500 is the wide variety of Google-optimized applications. It contains more than 200,000 apps. It is upgradable to 2.3 through Android 2.2 operating system. LG Application Advisor will help to determine the apps you need. LG P500 optimus offers good performance. It is a mid-range and touch screen mobile phone with best features, usability and quality. This is a small phone and it weighs about 129 grams. LG P500 optimus is available in multicolor options such as blue, titan, black, purple, blue, wine and silver. 600 MHz processor CPU and Froyo version of Android operating system provides power for this phone.

LG optimus P500 Screen display

LG optimus P500 Screen display

Features of display

LG optimus P500 is equipped with a stylish casing. The casing contains 3.2 inches TFT touch screen. The screen has the ability to display objects in 256K colors and its screen resolution is about 320*480 pixels. An accelerometer sensor and proximity sensor is also included in the touch screen. Accelerometer sensor helps for auto-rotate while proximity sensor is used for auto-turn off. The touch screen offers elegant chrome effect edging. Display contains IPS (Independent Panel Sliding) style and so you can use it in horizontal or vertical positions. Touch screen offers predictive typing and it anticipates any words you may be typing.

Key features

Some of the key features in LG optimus P500 are 40 preloaded apps, 3MP Camera with AF, 7 Home Screen, 1500A h battery, Froyo, HSDPA 7.2Mbps etc. 40 preloaded applications will provide you a world full of technology. 3MP camera will help you to capture pictures and videos in high definition. In this phone you can easily customize your screen with key apps, active widgets and several other features directly from the home screen. Another key feature of this phone is the long lasting 1500mAh battery that helps you to enjoy nonstop entertainment.

It serves up to 7 hours and 30 minutes for 3G networks and 8 hours talk time for 2G. The internal memory of this phone is only 170 MB. But it has an external 2G memory card. Froyo version used in the phone is characterized by advanced features like Android market, improved speed, installation of apps in MicroSD Card and USB Tethering. Integrated MicroSD memory card can support up to 32 GB memory. HSDPA7.2 will helps you to share high speed data connection. You can connect HSDPA7.2 via USB cable or directly with your computer and laptop.

Design features    

LG optimus P500 Product Images

LG optimus P500 Product Images

Straight forward design and simple looking is some of the attractive aspects about this phone. This is a quad band phone that is operating on various frequency bands. The GSM technology in this phone made it compatible with T and AT mobile networks. It is also compatible with Wi-Fi hotspots because it is able to recognize 802.11 b/g standards. On the other hand, LG optimus P500 is not compatible with CDMA devices. The 3G technology in this phone helps you to enjoy face-to-face calls.

The video calling is quite smooth and fast in this phone due to the presence of 3G HSPDA. The Quad Band network in this phone makes it ideal for travelling mobile phone. This phone also offers internet enabled connections throughBluetooth,Wi-Fi and USB. The operating system in this phone is highly optimized for web browsing and social networking. It provides wide support for various applications and web programs.

Other stunning features

The camera in this phone is auto assisted and it possesses the ability to take still pictures with high resolution. The auto-focus technique include some advanced technologies like smile & face detection and geo-tagging. All these features will provide more exciting photography. It also has the ability to take high quality videos. It is able to capture VGA at 18fps video.

There is an inbuilt video player in this phone. HTML browsing is another feature of LG optimus P500. This HTML browsing supports social networking, Google search and Gmail. This phone is also characterized by GPS navigation and document viewer. Through close integration with Google maps and Google Earth, you can use LG P500 optimus as a routing and navigation device. You can add customized features in your display to satellite view, map view and traffic view.