Mcdonalds Nutrition Facts – Are You Buying A Healthy Meal?

Nowadays most people prefer to have fast foods. Sometimes they don’t get enough time to cook food for their own. In such situation, they may order foods from restaurants. However, often the individuals fail to notice the value of health benefits as well as nutritional value included in the food they eat.

Uncontrollable eating of fatty foods may result in obesity. The McDonald’s group has come up with a solution to this problem. It servers food items having normal level of nutritional ingredients; thereby helps to maintain a healthy diet. They provide list of ingredients associated with each food item in the menu card. Customers can go through this list and select the one according to their taste. The McDonalds nutrition facts will be specified along with each product.

Health benefits of McDonalds products

McDonald’s nutrition is beneficial to all types of customers. It contains proteins, fat, calories, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin C. Moreover, it is also rich in fiber and sodium. Fat content present in this product is of two types; Trans fat and saturated fat. For the menu items, customers can have accessibility to nutrition facts label.

McDonalds Logo

McDonalds Logo

The products may contain rich amount of calories. Since it contains small amount of cholesterol, it will not lead to obesity. The quantity of ingredient which is contained in each food items may vary.

There may be a list through which you can access information about the nutrition content present in each item. Thus, you will be able to know each and every particulars of the specific food item which you are choosing.

In this era, the youngsters are more interested in eating McDonald’s fast food items. One of the most common items which McDonald provides is the salad. It contains variety of nutrient rich vegetables such as spinach, arugula, radicchio etc. These greens may provide vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium.

Below is a Mcdonalds Nutrition Chart showing Calories of some popular items at McDonalds.

McDonalds Nutrition Of Popular items
Big Mac5507529
Quarter Pounder® with Cheese+5209526
Bacon Clubhouse Burger72011540
Quarter Pounder Bacon Habanero Ranch+61010531
Quarter Pounder Bacon & Cheese+60010529
Quarter Pounder Deluxe+5404285
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese++75043160
BBQ Ranch Burger3501645
Grilled Onion Cheddar3101340
Double Cheeseburger4402380
Bacon McDouble4602485
Daily Double4402470
Bacon Clubhouse Crispy Chicken Sandwich7503890
Bacon Clubhouse Grilled Chicken Sandwich59025110
Premium Crispy Chicken Classic Sandwich5102218
Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich350965

The fiber content may helps to reduce high cholesterol level in body. Salads with grilled chicken may give a large content of calories as well as fat. Customers are free to choose the dressing options for their preferred salad. The Soft drinks which is provided by McDonald’ may contain some amount of anti-oxidants, which is good for your health.

A smoothie can provide anti-oxidant, vitamin C along with small amount of calcium and iron. Most people try to avoid chicken items in their diet to avoid cholesterol related problems. However, McDonald’s make chicken items which is containing less amount of cholesterol content; thereby making your health stronger.

Refer below for the Nutrition chart for McDonald’s US Menu.

McDonalds US Menu Nutrition

You can even order your favorite item via online. By searching in the official website, you can come across the McDonalds nutrition profile, from which you can select your item. In addition, the websites will be providing you with dietary information.

This is very much useful for all those who are health conscious and in this way the product caters to people under different age group. However, always try to choose the products which are having low calories as it helps to maintain your health in a better manner.

Note: We are not affiliated with McDonalds. This article is for informational purpose only.