New Balance 992 Shoes Can Make You Feel On Top Of Earth!

If you think rubber shoes need be bulky, think again!  The New Balance 992 shoes are losing weight even as they are being modernized.  Though, when you look at this new shoe models you may be disappointed, since they look quite ordinary, with gray and white subdued colors.

The makers of New Balance 992 have called it a classic shoe or a heritage shoe! With its popularity gaining quite a bit, there aren’t any plans to change the shoe appearance, and when people like it, the argument tends to plead, why change it.

People, who are giving importance to looks instead of functional matters, can ignore the New Balance 992, but a serious runner will still prefer these shoes.  The shoes are built to be stable.

Top 7 Killer Deals For New Balance Running Shoes

ImageProductDiscount Price
ImageProductDiscount Price
New Balance Men's M990 Slide Running Shoe$104.95
New Balance Men's M587 Running Shoe$44.99
New Balance Men's CM1600 Classic Fashion Sneaker$71.50
New Balance Men's Made in the USA Bringback 998 Classics Running Shoe$159.95
New Balance Men's M1300 Classic Running Shoe,Grey/Blue,12 D US$114.48
New Balance Women's 990V3 Running Shoe$149.95
New Balance Men's 990V3 Running Shoe$149.95

New Balance 992 is priced competitively, at around 80$ in some retail shops, whereas its competitors have priced their models like Foot Locker, Foot Action, Champs Sports at around $100. The comparatively cheaper prices have made it a favorite with runners, especially when their pairs are worn out.

More importantly the shoes can be worn around the block, for even non-running purposes.  Despite its low prices, the New Balance 992 has been made to ensure your running and walking comfort. Isn’t it time to bid farewell to your old shoes?

New Balance 992 shoes

New Balance 992 shoes

The secret of the New Balance 992 is that it uses the latest cushioning technology patented by Abzorb SBS, providing both the forefoot and heels more cushioning. These shoes score much higher in this aspect when compared to other nearer models.  Apart from this, it has an insert of full length which is removable, which also uses the above technology.

It can provide you good support and last long. It has a female version, made in white but a sky blue trim, with all the features. It has an exterior with a blown rubber outsole surrounding the cushioning.

The pigskin mesh on its upper portion gives you a feel of its weightlessness.  New Balance 992 is not only a pair or beautiful shoes, but a performer.