Plastic Surgeon Career And Its Scope

Plastic surgery is a procedure used to enhance a person’s look. Accidents and serious diseases may badly affect one’s appearance. Plastic surgeons help to restore the original appearance of such individuals. These surgeons also operate on those with inborn problems like cleft lips.

Main duty of a plastic surgeon is to shape and mold various regions of the body for functional and cosmetic effect. They also have to repair malformed bone and muscle structure in feet or hand. Plastic surgeons are also responsible for performing complicated procedures like contracture surgery and sexual reassignment surgery.

Reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery

Plastic Surgeon Career

Plastic Surgeon Career

Two types of surgeries performed by plastic surgeons are reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Through reconstructive surgery, surgeon replaces or repairs damaged body parts. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery reshapes body parts and improves the appearance of a person. Plastic surgeons have to perform liposuction. Liposuction is done to remove fat deposited in the body parts. Liposuction usually comes under cosmetic surgery, provide an aesthetically pleasing result. Some of the cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons are collagen injections, chemical peels and Rhinoplasty.

Skills required for a plastic surgeon

A plastic surgeon has to deal with an accident victim, people with physical deformities etc. Those who possess interest in medicine and science can think about becoming a plastic surgeon. He should also have passion for arts. For becoming a plastic surgeon, you need to possess strong aspirations and dedication.

Excellent hand dexterity and good interpersonal skills is essential for this career. Plastic surgeon should have calm demeanor, respect for the principles of patient, sound surgical judgment, solid ethics and extensive knowledge in the various technical features of surgery. A plastic surgeon must possess god knowledge about the designing of surgical grafts. They must be highly skilled in the implantation of tissue.

Education and training

For entering in this career, good education and training is required. You have to take certain preparations in the high school studies itself. An individual have to take science related courses. Plastic surgeons are well trained in many aspects such as patient interactions, basic surgery techniques and trauma care.

They are also trained in specialized areas like body contouring, laser surgery and tissue transfer. Specialized training helps them to attain artistic and aesthetic skills. This job demands serious time commitment. For taking this career, one needs to undergo accredited training in the plastic surgery branch. This special training is known as plastic surgery training.

The educational requirement for this career begins with attaining a bachelor’s degree in a pre-medical subject such as chemistry or biology. You have to pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). This exam will analyze the candidate’s knowledge in science and medical aspects. Those who pass this exam can get admission in the medical college. Plastic surgery has a basis in various medical specialties like pathology and anatomy.

After completing a bachelor’s degree program in medical school, the candidate has to earn either Doctor of Osteopathic medicine (D.O) or Doctor of Medicine (M.D). Four years of education and training are included in the M.D program. The first two years are meant for classroom study and laboratory works, while the last two years focus on clinical training. The candidates have to work in clinics and hospitals for earning clinical experience. The American Board of Plastic Surgery will help you to analyze various kinds of plastic surgeon classification.

Plastic surgery residencies

The duration of residency program is five to six years. The first three years of the residency program focus on the general surgery. In the remaining years, students are trained in plastic surgery techniques. Those who possess graduation with excellent medical school grades are allowed to attend the residency program. There is high competition for plastic surgery residencies and so it is very much difficult to find a position in these programs. After completing the residency program, the student has to pass one or more examinations. Only after passing these examinations, the candidates are legally allowed to work as a surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Training programs in plastic surgery is mainly classified into independent model and integrated model. The independent model includes three years in a residency program. After that, candidates need to undertake additional three years of residency in reconstructive or cosmetic surgery program. On the other hand, integrated model consists of six to seven years in a residency program. This program includes all the training in general surgery. The American Osteopathic Board of Surgery (AOBS) and American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) provide certification for the plastic surgeons. After obtaining the certification, the surgeons are allowed to practice in all states.

Importance of fellowship program

For earning more specialization in plastic surgery skills, doctors have to complete a fellowship program. The fellowship program will help the doctors to specialize in various subfields of plastic surgery like eyelid or craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, breast reconstruction, congenital problems of neck, trunk and head, fluid replacement, breast surgery and hair replacement. They have to perform medically necessary surgeries like mastectomy. Carnio-maxillofacial surgery is an important area in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a board specialty that requires extremely specialized techniques. This career is regarded as one of the lengthiest training programs in the medical field.

Working environment and salary

Plastic surgeons are most likely to work in a hospital or clinic. They have to operate in sterile surgical units. This is a very hard job. While performing the surgery, surgeons often require standing in their feet for many hours. The career of a plastic surgeon is filled with numerous challenges. They have to manage complicated wounds.

It is expected that the demand of the plastic surgeons will increase by 22% over the next few years. This would create a lot of job opportunities. The growth of health care field and the introduction of new medical technologies increase the job opportunities in this field. This is one of the rewarding careers in the medical field. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the annual salary of plastic surgeons ranges from $300,000 to $791,150.