Round Cut Engagement Rings Of 2016 – Top 5 Deals

In Europe, the practice of exchanging engagement ring is as old as the 13th century. An engagement ring which is given to the lady serves as a gesture to whatever she was promised for and a commitment for marriage.

However, in the US, the practice of engagement ring started after the late 19th century. Around 1930, this practice was completely adopted and now about 80% of women show various forms of wedding ring.

Why People Prefer Round Cut Engagement Rings?

Round Cut Engagement Rings are very popular among diamonds. Though this round cut is common,  they still look very elegant and attractive. There are various types of styles of the Round Cut Engagement Rings based on the design of your ring.

In the solitaire diamond ring designing jewelers use various metals that match with the choice of customer or consumers. Usually solitaire has prong head as 4 or 5 or 6 to enhance the diamond round cut and make it look awesome.

This design is very classic and it can be worn anywhere from your office to the party. It goes well with all your dresses, be it formal gown or a funky jeans. The brilliant round cut diamond in solitaire diamond ring is the must own stylish thing that everyone should behold.

Round cut brilliant rings are available in all prices that matches your budget. The cost of rings is influenced by the gemstone, metal used, style and the designing of the ring. Most of the men choose a diamond ring for their ladylove. But, if you opt for a  diamond ring, you need to consider your budget as well. However, if the budget is wide enough then a round cut diamond engagement ring is the best choice for you.

Top 5 Deals From Amazon

I have carefully examined the top 5 deals on round cut engagement rings from, based on price, quality, customer reviews and value for your money. Here are they:

1. White Gold .58ct Round Cut Engagement Ring – $629.99

This is a fine a pure 14K ladies white gold round cut pink saphire brown and white engagement ring from rodeo Jewellers.

You can save a whopping $1720 when you buy it through Amazon. Width is 6.22 mm and total metal weight is 4.5 gm.


2. 1/4 Carat Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – $338.00

An exquisite white gold and Diamond ring from Houston Diamond District. Aptly priced at $338, it is quite budget friendly and you get a 0.25 carat Round Brilliant round cut engagement ring.

The ring setting is Solitaire and the gem type is White Diamond.


3. Solid 14k Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Cut Ring – $219

Fine Engagement ring from Sonia jewels. Minimum total gem weight is 2 Carats with a width of 2 mm. Metal used is White gold with a total metal weight of 3.5 g.

Stone shape is Round Brilliant cut with Solitaire setting.


4. Solid 14k Yellow Gold Ladies Solitaire CZ Cubic – $216

Another pocket friendly Round cut ring from Sonia Jewels. The metal used is Yellow Gold with a metal weight of 3.4 g. This resizable ring comes with a gem weight of 1.5 carats.

Material is round cut is Cubic Zirconia.

5. White Gold Princess & Round Diamond Ladies 3 Stone Ring – $2499

This is on a heavier side price wise, however it is a 3 stone setting with a width of 4.7 mm and metal stamp of 14 k. The weight of the three stones are 0.65 carats, 0.45 carats, 1.15 carats respectively.

It is sold by DazzlingRock Collection.

Loose Round Cut Emerald Gemstones in Emerald Jewelry

In order to create your fantasy Emerald jewelry, a standard size Emerald Gemstone in round cut is all you need. A round cut gorgeous Emerald Gemstone is sufficient for a gorgeous Emerald pendant, beautiful Emerald earrings or a stunning Emerald ring.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a favorite choice for engagement rings. They have a timeless and enduring beauty. They are also considered as the signal of a long term relationship. There are ample number of eye catching designs available for a diamond ring.

If you want to have a fashionable style that turns everybody’s head, then the stylish round cut engagement ring in diamond is the smart choice for you.

The round shaped diamond engagement ring is gaining fame among the modern age group. Now days, round shape diamond has become an ideal selection. The lovely round shaped diamond look stunning in all forms of settings, so do not worry about its look. The most popular setting in diamond rings includes the cathedral, bezel, knife-edge, contour and trellis setting.

If you have planned to pay money for a diamond ring, check its quality. Hence, before purchasing any diamond ring do not miss to check the crucial 4 C of Diamond that is the clarity, carat, cut and color, which will all  assist you to determine the quality and worth of the diamond in the rings.

The round cut diamond is shaped to accentuate  its  luster and radiance. This is an ideal cut for any beautiful ring.