Securing Your Home or Office With Spy Camera Video

If you are not sure what is happening in your office or home when you are away, and if you are suspecting some foul play, you can install a spy camera videos system, or hidden outdoor security camera.  Known also as covert cameras, these are spy cameras. These cameras record whatever happens at your place over a set period of time and you can re-roll the video and watch it. Some of the spy cameras are mentioned below. These can be ordered online.

Hidden spy camera videos system is a mini wireless mobile camera having a surveillance facility right from the box in which it is located.  Its camera is of CMOS type, a miniscule quarter inch camera transmitter capturing both audio and video.

It is powered by a rechargeable battery. Some models have 8 optional channels to review what is happening in your office or home, from your cell phone at any place any time.

Spy Camera

Spy Camera

Then there is hidden clock camera having motion detecting capability, capturing images at the rate of 30-frames/second, and a lens of a pinhole size. In fact this alarm hidden clock camera is the best selling outdoor security camera, with a robust stainless steel design, which can go with any kind of office or home décor. It is able to record videos to a micro SD card at 30FPS so that you can view back the events smoothly and fast.

There is also high definition spy table watch camera, having an inbuilt hidden camera of 4GB recording capacity.  It looks like an alarm clock, but has hidden spy camera video system inside.

It looks like an antique piece, or if you prefer you can go for modern design, but it can deceive the viewers.  It is a grade one hidden outdoor security camera.  You can get all these stuff online.

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