Split Shank Engagement Rings For 2016 – Is It Good?

What is split-shank?

This is a kind of stylish engagement ring that features a band. This band separates the center setting of the ring. This ring usually has a small noticeable slit between the gemstone and the band.

This style of visible gap makes the ring look larger and ornate. Some of split shank engagement rings also have bigger pave diamond in the setting, while the other settings include diamond halo.

These split shanks appear like ring set. The two rings are combined together at the rear and at the front merged together with a lustrous diamond.

If you want to have a classic solitaire style ring, then split shanks would be the perfect base. Split shank will elevate the solitaire and add an impressive detailing to the ring.

5 Split Shank Rings With Discount On Amazon

ProductImageDiscount Price
ProductImageDiscount Price
Bling Jewelry Split Shank 925 Silver 2ct Cushion Cut Pave CZ Engagement Ring $40.99
3/4 Carat Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold $649
1.08 Carat Elegant Twisting Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold with a 1 Carat Round Cut Moissanite $840
Radiant-cut Moissanite Solitaire Split Shank Ring 1 4/5 Carat (ctw) in 14k White Gold $1,100
1.2 Carat Designer Split Shank Halo Style With Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring$2,520

Even, some of the vintage engagement rings display this style. The ring can be set with micro pave diamonds or with the French set. The small visible gap offers more volume to the band and the small diamonds, thus, making the ring more attractive by increasing its overall sparkle.

Split shank band is the latest trend. You need to practice the engagement course in order to seal the deal. She must be hinting you about the style of the engagement band that she wants to have.

split shank engagement rings with diamond

It has been noticed that nowadays, present brides mostly prefer split shank rings as their engagement band. The adorable weaved open look and the elaborate cleaved bands separating the strands are simply eye catchy.

On the whole, this feminine fashion may cater your beloved, if he/she appreciates details and patterns.

The Attraction

The versatile design of split shank engagement rings can be combined with the middle stone of any cut. The cut can be pear, round, cushion, radiant or Asscher.

split shank engagement rings with wedding bandIn fact, you further embellish it with the halo pave diamonds. These diamonds are usually small in size with great luster and it appears as float around the center.

This setting would be the perfect choice if the size of your diamond is big. This will create balance at the same time offer a steady foundation.

Irrespective of the ratio between the centered stone and the band width, this beautiful style always looks dainty. This combination is being used by many jewelers for creating an attractive engagement ring.

Some jewels, even try this combination in the platinum metal to enhance the overall look.

On the whole, both brides and designers are agreeing with this illusive style.  This split shank diamond engagement ring is an excellent option for the folks that admire elegant and elaborate look.

Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

split shank engagement rings diamondThese rings are striking. The split shank rings in diamond spread the significance of individualism and fashion. You can get a variety of this type of rings depending on the gemstone and its appearance.

Usually these rings display diamonds. In the solitaire ring, you will get very small metal and enhance the little diamond which looks dangle on your finger.

Split shank engagement rings usually define fame to the gemstone. To make your ring more stylish, select a ring design which has wider split. In this case, your finger skin will be served as the backdrop for the charming diamond.

Split Shank Princess Cut Engagement Rings

split-shank-princess-cut-engagement-ringsSplit shank engagement ring requires less polishing and cut than the contemporary engagement rings. Therefore, these rings are economical and fit well in your budget.

If you want to pick some unique engagement ring to show your love and sincerity for your partner, then the split shank princess cut engagement ring is the perfect solution for your search.

They are unique as well as stylish.

The actual rock may be adorn with other metal alloy to provide extra hardness and you pick the gemstone of your choice.