The Magic of iPad 2 Screen Protectors

Smart Cover for your spiffy iPad 2, which is just a display protector, is now a great hit. But you must be yearning to know how it works, and what you should try to look for when you are buying an iPad 2 screen protector.

When you look at the screen protector for iPad 2, it looks as if we are going nuts over a very simple thing like a cover, however smart it may be. You will find it made of polyurethane or leather panels which are foldable, and attach magically to the iPad 2; its magnets ensure the touch screen of iPad 2 is protected.  To know more, you can watch    YouTube Videos to find more about this Smart Cover for ipad2.

Let’s look into this cover – what is new in it and what is missing!

What magic did Apple resort to in bringing this out? Is it a technical wizardry or is it simply using correlated magnets, using signals and coding theories to help magnetic forces to control it in a precise manner? Or has it been programmed to act in certain specific manners? An analysis on the lines divulges that iPad 2 screen protector is one of the low tech iPad 2 accessories; and the magic comes from its designing, which is as follows in brief.

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ipad 2 screen protector

ipad 2 screen protector

  1. The smart cover has 4 similar sized panels: steel plated one on the left, two plastic panels and magnets in the panel on the far-right. All are covered in leather or polyurethane.
  2. It has 31 strong magnets, with 21 magnets conventional ones inside the screen protector for iPad 2, and 10 on the tablet placed on right and left sides of both the products.
  3. A round shaped magnet is found on the right triggering sleep sensor inbuilt into the device, turning off the best iPad 2 screen.
  4. Remaining magnets in the right side are either used to clamp themselves to matching magnets on the right side of iPad 2, and to hold panels in a triangular form which is the stand for iPad2.
  5. You can form the triangular shape through sections being folded from right to left, so that the iPad2 screen protector’s 15 magnets (right-hand group) are in contact with the steel plate on the left.

And finally, since iPad 2 is made of a aluminum casing, the   magnets on iPad 2 screen protector will not stick, and thus Apple ingeniously added more magnets on the tablet.

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