The Release Date Of Ipad Mini 4 Release – Rumors And Speculations

People are eagerly awaiting the launch of IPad mini 4. After the disappointment created by IPad mini 3, all have set their eyes on IPad mini 4, which is hoped to impress all with its smart updates, unlike IPad mini 3 which had only fingerprint sensor and option of gold color to boast of.

Let us take a look of the date expected for its launch and the various speculations and the wonderful features it is expected to have.

When we look back to the history of Apple’s release October has a significant place. The initial launch of Apple was in November 2012 and was unveiled in October. Similarly, iPad mini 2 was unveiled on 22 of October, which was launched on 12th November in 2013.

iPad mini 3 also had its unveiling on 16th October and release date on 24 October in 2014. As you can see, it’s only natural for people awaiting IPad mini 4 to think that the unveiling of the product will take place in October, and the launching will soon follow in October.

Ipad Mini 4

However, there is scope to believe that iPad mini 4 will be released in late April or early June in 2015. It is assumed that it will be released together with the latest iPad Pro. So an earlier release cannot be overlooked. The WWDC 2015 event scheduled for June was the occasion when Apple released the iOS 9 as well as the new version of OS X. It was hoped that the event will also witness the release of the iPad mini 4.

Before the Apple’s 9 March event, there were expectations that it will witness an iPad Pro launch as well as an iPad mini 4 debut. However, the event took place without the launching of new IPads, though the event gave details on Apple Watch and exhibited the new super-slim MacBook.

Ipad Mini 4 Black

Meanwhile, speculations are going on about the design and features of iPad mini 4. Mac Fan, the Japanese magazine opines that the iPad mini 4 will have a stylish thinner design and will be featured with A8X processor of iPad Air 2. It is also expected to arrive with A9 processor. Rumors also think iPad mini 4 will have 802.11ac WiFi and 2GB RAM.

The speculations do not end here. It is also assumed that with the launch of iPad mini 4 will also witness the end of the original iPad mini as well as the iPad mini 3, leaving behind only iPad 2, which is calculated to be a better economic version.