Two Tone Engagement Rings Of 2016 – Top Picks For You

Nowadays, it is very tough to find an engagement ring that only has a diamond as the focal point at the center. These days, brides want unique rings and hence they expect a lot more than just the gemstone to be satisfied. To fulfill their requirement, customized rings like the Two tone engagement rings are gaining popularity.

In the customized bands you can get diverse settings, bands, accents and shanks that blend together to create a beautiful piece of jewelry with a distinct touch.

The two tone engagement bands now come to stay not only from the point of view of the classic gemstone in them, but also the dual metal colors that go into the bands. These rings appear striking and unique.

5 Best Two Tone Engagement Rings Found On Amazon

Sterling Silver Two Tone Finish Round 1.3 Carat CZ Celtic Design Engagement Ring ( Size 5 to 9 ) $39.99
King Will 8mm Tungsten Ring Men's Wedding Band Grooved 14k Gold Two Tone Grooved Center Free Ring Box $19.99
King Will Mens Black 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring Two Tone Brushed Diamond Engraved Center Wedding Band 7-14 $17.99
Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Two Tone Finish Round 1.3 Carat CZ Solitaire Ring ( Size 5 to 9 ) $49.99
14k Two-Tone White & Rose Gold Princess-cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring (1/4 cttw, H-I, I1-I2) $399.99

When creating a multi color engagement band, the base metals can be utilized in many various ways, but the thing you should keep in mind is the matching.

The metals that you are selecting should match, but what you should keep in your mind is that the two metals must not only match, but also complement each other and the stone.

Even though you can use any kind of metal for crafting multi color engagement rings, remember that you have a few preferences such as Platinum, White gold, Yellow gold, and the like.

If you are selecting gold, then remember that the yellow shade of the gold changes in proportion to the carat, which has its own properties that affects the yellow hue.

copper and platinum two tone engagement ringsThe white color of white gold is rich in luster and can be used with any contrast metal to enhance the overall look. Even, the red and pink hues of rose gold can look stunning and eye catching.

All these combinations create an alluring contrast in two tone engagement rings. If you want some exclusivity in your ring, you can use Sage gold with other contrasting precious metals.

The light green color of sage gold looks very elegant. In the end, the shining platinum is the obvious choice. The brilliant gray white metal, platinum is durable and becomes the inevitable choice for most engagement rings.

These precious metals are used very rarely individually. However, if you combine them with a strong metal such as platinum, you can create a strong ring which is durable and less prone to tarnish. You also achieve uniqueness in the combination.

The Blend of Metals

This is a unique modern engagement ring rather a traditional diamond engagement ring. It symbolizes a wedding when two different souls become one.

For creating a dual tone engagement ring, the two different contrasting metals should be selected to achieve a craving effect. It will make no sense if you use two precious metals of same hue such as platinum and white gold.

Since these two colors are closely alike. However, if the same white gold is used with yellow gold then it would create a beautiful contrast.

The symbolism

gold and platinum two tone engagement rings– The two tone engagement ring is a modern engagement ring rather than a traditional concept engagement band.

– The purpose of creating this unique crafted ring is to tell her that your lives will fuse successfully like the two symbiotic metals in this ring. The ring symbolizes the two different individuals as one.

– The engagement brings two souls as one. You cannot find a better way of blending two souls, than by fusing their souls together by a two tone engagement ring.

The Two Tone Diamond Heart Ring

Your enduring love can be successfully symbolized in a 14 K heat shaped two color Diamond ring. The heart shape displays a sparkling diamond set in a yellow and white gold base. Wear this classic piece every day with elegance.