Wireless Outdoor Speakers Can Help You To Take Your Music Out

When you have wireless outdoor speakers you can enjoy your kind of music, in the backyard, porch, garage, or near the swimming pool. You can also use such speakers for piping music to various rooms in the house, and you are spared of the labor of laying cables for the speakers. The music can be sourced from a radio, TV, computer, etc.

The wireless outdoor speakers can be bought from around 100 dollars to a couple of hundreds of dollars, depending upon the number of speakers used, which can be anywhere from one to four speakers, waterproofing, power usage, etc.

Some of the very highly selling brands of these speakers are  Acoustic Research (AW842), Element (Ewos1), ZipConnect, Advent, Audio Unlimited, Jensen, AQ and TIC Corporation (WRS010).

While buying the wireless outdoor speakers ensure whether they are weather-proof, might only be resistant to light rain.  If you opt for MIL-STD or military standard of waterproofing, the speakers can take in heavy rain as well.

5 Wireless Outdoor Speakers At Cheap Prices

ImageProductDiscount Price
ImageProductDiscount Price
Acoustic Research Mission Style Wireless Outdoor Speaker (AW825) - Bronze$79.99
Wolverine WIOS2 Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Stereo Speakers - Water Resistant - Black (Twin Speakers)$136.95
Mutant MIG-WS2-S Media Block Deluxe Weather-Resistant Wireless Outdoor Stereo Speaker System$100.85
Sabrent Weather Resistant 900MHz Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 150 FT 4 Speaker System with Remote and Dual Power Transmitter (SP-NELO4)$169.99
Wireless Outdoor Speakers, Bluetooth 6.50" Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Patio Speakers,White, Pair, by Sound Appeal$174.99


To protect the speakers from rain, these have been designed by placing them inside the bottoms-up plastic bucket, though this design can muffle the audio a bit, it can protect the instrument from rain.

Wireless Speaker System

Wireless Speaker System

Many wire less outdoor speakers use audio frequencies and technologies like cordless phones. These are all analog systems, and ensure that they have some different channels so that there is less interference.

Latest digital technology has eliminated interference, with the use of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS).  Both the types of speakers have similar range, typically 50 to 150 feet outdoors, and less if the walls are blocking them.

Usually these speakers, if used in covered areas, do not require much waterproofing, though battery becomes critical. The wireless outdoor speakers are something like amps for guitars, with handles to carry them around. They use up to 8 C/D cell batteries for each individual speaker, which last only for a couple of hours.

Since recharging costs are very high, you should look for in-built rechargeable batteries. Some of these speakers are only mono devices, and stereo sounds are mixed and played out from each of these speakers. There are models which give you flexibility of switching on to mono, left and right stereos.